website clone

  1. C

    Clone Back End of a website

    Is it Possible to clone the back end of a website ? I know how the website functions. I want to clone it
  2. SeedPhrase

    Looking for someone who can clone any Site

    Hi folks, I would like to clone a site built with WordPress but it has some custom things. after cloning that should be easily installable in wp. feel free to PM for sample site....will discuss price
  3. clickj4ck

    Webpage Clone - Designer needed

    Hi im looking for someone who can clone a single page for me. They must clone it correctly (responsive for all devices specially mobile). Please people with experience. Java script , html , php , etc... Leave me your skype, telegram or simply message me . thanks Please no time wasters with...
  4. NurtureSales

    Best way to clone or duplicate a wordpress website ?

    Hi Gurus, What is the best way to duplicate a wordpress website ? I see some free plug-ins related to that. But interested to hear experience from expert's here. Thanks in Advance.
  5. CMG

    How much would it cost?

    I'm fairly new to this, guys! Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to create a website like Gold Nitro for Instagram (Not sure if I can post the link) and what skills are required? Thank you!
  6. worldofpain

    Website clones-indexing problem

    Hey there guys, recently somebody cloned my websites and pushed me out of google rank. Tried DMCA, google reports, icann even the registrar of his domains..nothing worked..his website "homepage" is behaving like "website suspended" he just modified index. php but the rest of pages are 302 redirs...
  7. S

    Are website clone scripts a good idea?

    I was considering downloading or purchasing a website clone script of a site (Haven't decided which one yet) and was wondering if it is really worth it. Has anyone else had any success which such sites? I don't really have hundreds of dollars to hire people to build the site for me. One category...
  8. C

    Need Clone of property website asap

    Hi Guys i need clone of property website . my budget is around 150$ to 200$ . plz skype me or reply on thread for website link thanks Skype : olxtech
  9. F

    multi domain for one website what i do?

    hi everyone i have 3 domain for 1 same project what i do?just build 1 domain website and redirect all other or build 3 same website for all domains?please reply:yield:
  10. Q

    Wanted Now! Clone websites for me Start NOW

    Hi, Have a few orders for websites to be cloned,so looking for someone now! I supply the info, you supply the price and if we match and your work is good,then we will have a partnership. Have a few to get done A s a p so pm NOW
  11. Z

    Looking for ads website template.. Anyone?

    I dunno what u call this.. But I'm looking for a web template.. Something like this, where it's just ads and the keywords can be changed.. Thanks.. :) I was also wondering, are the ads by adsense or by whom?
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