Very suspicious spike in traffic linked to, cloning?


Jul 3, 2013
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Spike in traffic from Denmark, traced it back to Visited all pages twice, including Admin pages within the website. About 7 seconds per page so I'd guess not simply a negative seo bot trying to damage on site metrics.

My guess would be someone used the service to clone our site which has happened before.

Anyone familiar with this?

Your competitors could be crawling you... It's an enterprise level SEO tool.
Ya you'll have to explain more about your website to really have any idea of what they could be doing.
Business to business service, clients login to the backend to create assets for themselves. Inside the client portal is not accessible by crawlers.

So I am thinking why crawl the innards of the website if you were just interested in cloning the site for the traffic?

Or this could be something totally different, never seen this specifically before.
Well, if a person can access some data, so can a crawler.
Do you have some data worth scraping?
if yes, then I guess you have your answer.
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