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  1. Opulentos

    [MUST READ CASE STUDY] Opulentos $10K P/M Affiliate Empire

    What's up guys. Opulentos here with a long detailed case study here for you. I've decided to segment this into bite sized parts so you can easily understand what I've done and how you can replicate the results too. It's pretty easy and I've managed to grow a handful of sites to over $10K P/M in...
  2. Drramu

    [Question] Anyone making money with telegram using click bank?

    Hi all! Is there anyone who's making money using telegram as a traffic source? If so , what kind of products are you promoting and how's it going?
  3. Matt Intrepid

    Building a Clickbank Affiliate income stream.

    First step is to get one Clickbank affiliate site up and running. And then rinse and repeat, hopefully faster and more skillfully with each additional affiliate product. If I can get to just net $50 a day from this I will be a happy chappie - I have low living expenses. Ultimately I will take...
  4. Jai Mendez


    Hi guys. im 20 years old from philippines. I just started my first IM journey. I started my first website about 1 week ago. I have already Published (2) 500+ words article (2) 1000+ words article and (1) 2000+ words article Im planning to do a average 2000 words article starting now. I...
  5. Harnur

    Best Clickbank Product to Promote In 2017?

    I want to know your own personal opinion on which is the best clickbank product to promote in 2017 and what ways are you people using to promote these products.
  6. Harnur

    PPC+ Clickbank : In-Need Of Desperate Help !

    I am using paid traffic(Bing Ads) to capture email leads and i am paying close to $ 0.70-1 USD for email leads. ($ 0.3 USD is my CPC). I am getting 30-50% optin rates on my Landing Page. But the thing is that even after, spending so much money on getting subscribers, i get around 40-50% email...
  7. Y

    Instagram Products

    Guys ineed a help please : what kind of products should i promote in instagram , im using Followliker , since september 2016 im promoting a 3 products (yogatraining , Cookbook , DietBook) from clickbank in 3 IG account all with 10k+ Followers but idnt gain any dollars idnt know where is the...
  8. Harnur

    Clickbank: 450 hop counts=> 0 sales

    I spend all my budget promoting that one particular product on Clickbank, got around 450 hop counts(Thru Adwords) but 0 sales. I chose this product because the advertiser has his own inbuilt funnel page(so i don't have to go thru the pain of making my own squeeze page). But even after getting...
  9. Harnur

    What is the average Conversion rate for CLICKBANK products promoted thru Adwords/Bing ?

    I promoted Battery Reconditioning thru Bing ads + Adwords, got around 125 clicks, But 0 sales. I chose the right keywords/ad titles and everything. Do Clickbank products really sell thru Adwords/ Bing Ads ? I think when people are search for Battery reconditioning or Numerologist, they are...
  10. P

    Journey To Income Clickbank + Traffic

    Hey all, I've been a member of BHW for a while, occasionally trying different methods to make money online but never ending up that successful. I am creating this journey in efforts to keep my motivation and learn along the way. What I Will Be Doing I will be promoting a Clickbank product that...
  11. Harnur

    Google Adwords, Paid Traffic or Facebook Ads, Which one is better to promote Clickbank Products?

    Is Bing Ads better than google Adwords?
  12. S

    How to join ClickBank successfully?

    Hi, guys, I am wonder how I could join ClickBank successfully. I have registered on their website, but there is no reply at all. I also cannot find any AM's information from ClickBank. I appreciate it if anyone could help me. :(
  13. A

    Clickbank Vendor Strategy?Help

    Hi i upload my product and everything is run good i made even 1 sale. How i can increase the rating and get more affiliates .
  14. Apsconsus

    Am I in a dead Niche?

    Hey guys, I've only just recently started affiliate marketing and I've ensured to read as many guides as possible, very thankful for all the free information on here! Main reason I'm posting is because I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere, at least not specifically. To cut to the...
  15. P

    I need 2 clickbank sales for $3 and I will pay $7

    I need 2 Clickbank sale with $3 value and I will pay $7 for that. I will give you the link and you can buy for $1.4 and you will get $3 or you can promote my link to generate one sale. I need thos two sales because I am a beginer in clickbank method and I made some money from 3 sales but I need...
  16. I

    My First Ever CB SALE (Finaly BreakThrough CB)

    Hello Sorry If my English is not so good. Am Don from Ghana and am 18years of age, i have really been trying to make money online for about 2years now online going through almost every aspect of making money, from being scammed by hyip networks to losing all my funds in binary trading to making...
  17. Zakorakis

    Where to start from!!!

    Hello dear BHW friend!!! to make it super quick, I hope to get some guidings to start online businesses, I'm interested in marketing, so, if there are course showing path for the totally beginners; please, tell me about'm, what i want to know, I'm thinking about "no money" startup, "is it...
  18. A

    What is most effective way to Promote Clickbank Products

    I am looking for the best way to promote clickbank products. Can anyone help
  19. S

    Facebook Free Marketing Secret With Clickbank Product!

    Hi BHW Friends, I am doing Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank since 2014 (October). I already made about $10k+ in this year (Jan, Feb & March). I can show you via screenshot/screen share. I reveled a new method that work for clickbank product really well. Meet with me on skype or send me PM for...
  20. Naaga

    Click Bank + Facebook = Income Works Now.. How To SetUp

    Hi friends, How are You? I Create small blog with click bank products. I'm Ready to Promote my blog with Facebook ads. Please Suggest Me... 1) How To Get Facebook Coupons 2) How To Use Facebook Ads Without Ban. 3) How To Create Ad..(Our Blog is Weight Loss) 4) How much start Facebook AD. How...