1. Slangur

    Referring Domains Not Showing Up?

    Hello, i am having some confusion, i hope you can help if possible. I recently just started creating citations & directory links for a website. There are about 40/50 of these links as of right now. Basically the directories and citations are just containing a link for the website for the...
  2. dragonlube


  3. Ed Roy

    Is it OK to use fake addresses to business directories for Niche Sites?

    I am just starting my very first affiliate site. Over the year, I was stick with display ads but this year, I decided to start an affiliate site. I have already bought the domain and uploaded 10 articles. Now, the question is, How safe is it to use fake addresses in business directories?
  4. Vincenzo Udinesi

    Citations for Personal SEO?

    Hi SEO experts, I'm starting to build links to a personal brand(SEO/Digital Marketing) website. What citations should I build to overtake first page of Google(for person's name; unique) with some citations of the personal profiles aside from twitter/linkedin etc?
  5. P

    Local keyword ranking drop

    My keyword was ranking well before google may SEO update, but after update their ranking has been dropped, I have done many things to get back their ranking but nothing happened. Pls suggest me tips to recover them back.
  6. insaneseoguy

    Does anybody know how to index the local citations fast?

    I have created around 100 citations for business but its been 6 months and they have not been indexed yet. Any solution will be appreciated.
  7. easyskank

    How To Gain Authority On Google Fast!!!! And get a free advert!!!

    WE all know how long it takes to gain authority on Goog so I thought I would share a shortcut with u guys. Ok so you build the site as always, punch out the articles and then wait for a bit. As soon as you see the scrapers hitting get as much content that they are liking as possible, I man feed...
  8. AvePhoenix

    Citation Builder Software

    Is there any software out there that can build citations in directories? I know rankerx has a few places but I wanted to build more.
  9. dividebyzero


    Money-Back Guarantee: Guaranteed Page 1 Within 12 Weeks Or We Will Issue Full Refund! Please read our Refund Policy Frequently Asked Questions Ques. What is Local SEO? Ans. Local SEO is a complex process that makes sure that people in and around your area can find you online easily. With...
  10. Deepak Nagar

    Making citation for local seo

    Hey guys, Can you tell me how can I make citation for my local seo client and also useful for fiverr gig. Any help would be appreciated☺ Thanks
  11. I

    Need some guidelines for citation

    Lately, I have been working for a local business. I found that doing citation manually on all business directories is gonna take a lot of effort and time. I googled for some tools to do bulk citation submission. I got to know some websites like "advice local". But these tools are really...
  12. D

    Map Results With No Address

    How do you do that?
  13. F

    Is any tool to submit site to data agregators and for local citation?

    Im wondering if is any tools that can easy submit to data agregators my site? Also how expensive is and any details. If you know other tools for local seo please send me a mesage... im locking for citation.
  14. blueskyuk

    Looking for UK Citations expert

    Mod Notice Recently we have changed the rules in the Hire a Freelancer and Want to Buy forums. Members who get around these new rules by PM'ing the OP will be given a temporary ban, no exceptions. Please read about these new rules here...
  15. enigmaghost

    Share Your Proven Methods Local SEO

    This is just a general post topic based on the biggest question in local SEO, does anyone have a true tested method for ranking a local service based business that services several zip codes?? Anything from your approach to organic, to lesser known details like what type of backlinks do you...
  16. sitognar

    Need to recive Google Postcard in Spain $$$ Google Business/Maps

    Hello, looking for a help in Spain. Need to recive google postcard in cities: Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Sevilla, Málaga, Marbella, Zaragoza, Bilbao. If you can provide the address and forward PIN code from postcard, then contact me with price.
  17. codeman1234

    Looking for citation service

    Hello, I am looking citation service for local seo, can someone recommend me one? Is it fiver a good option? Thanks!
  18. farhan ali

    I need .DE domain business directories or other links DA30+

    I need .DE domain business directories or other links DA30+ ..If anyone have these type of links which can approve link instantly then please share with me.. Thanks
  19. farhan ali

    I need Indian Business Directories

    Hi. I need Instant Approve Indian Business Directories list at least 100 .. Please I don't need Junk Directories or under approval directories. Thanks in Advance.
  20. Scritty

    Old School Advice For Linking - That Never Actually Gets Old

    Sigh, Another couple of assists for guys (well one guy one girl) who had issues with bad ranking in Google. The girl just hadn;t left it long enough. The site was less than 3 weeks old and the keywords were moving up nicely. I put her on to social media to get some nice quick visits. Turning a...
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