How To Gain Authority On Google Fast!!!! And get a free advert!!!


Jan 1, 2015
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WE all know how long it takes to gain authority on Goog so I thought I would share a shortcut with u guys.

Ok so you build the site as always, punch out the articles and then wait for a bit. As soon as you see the scrapers hitting get as much content that they are liking as possible, I man feed those things, especially the Chinese ah man you can send em anything and they will have it syndicated on their network. Make sure you have no protection on the site so you let those critters through. Have the sitemap on /sitemap.xml give em all the help u can.

Keep publishing for a month until you have all your content for your target keywords into Google and the scraper networks. Then the fun comes....

Search your target keywords for the scraper sites, and as you find them Complete a DMCA off your DMCA dashboard citing longtail keywords.

You will get an instant link (advert) in the footer for the longtail search to your DMCA Request with your url as the good guy. These citations add to your overall trust rank and help the site gain or regain authority.

Gotta love Google...... :)
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