1. MicroBit-OMS

    Changing brands after the first lockdown.

    After the first lockdown, did you change your brands so you're not f**ked this time around? What's going in your mind about the upcoming second lockdown?
  2. Max Kirschner

    Should you mention realizations that make you suffer but you cannot control?

    Let's say, you experience a great injustice or notice great injustice that is ongoing but you do not see a way to change it. For instance the fed lowering interest rates which leads to higher debt and justifying it with vague terms like corona, inflation and others that are excuses. In short...
  3. Mirkogiovannetti

    Open this thread - NOW

    Dear brothers, I love this fantastic community of people that over the course of about two years has helped me achieve my little personal successes. Today, however, I don't want to talk about SEO, or everything related to Web Marketing, but about what is happening in our world. Guys I would...
  4. TheBizCat

    something is different

    I've been on BHW for years now and recently it looks like there have been subtle changes to the font and even the hover effect on the menu items. Is this me looking too much into this or has there been a change in actuality? @Diamond Damien
  5. B

    Need signatures

    I am looking for to obtain signatures. If you can supply this service, please IM me.
  6. dotaboy

    Backconnect proxies that change IP on every request with big pool of IPs

    Hello, I am looking for backconnect proxies that change IP on every request, must having big pool of IPs (300k+ IPs at least). I expect 50 threads per minute also unlimited bandwidth but will take into providers with low price per GB. -I found so far: Dedicated 70.000 Proxies...
  7. Guts

    Any Working Bot?

    Pretty simple bot needed just to upvote because i believe u need at least 5 signature to make it visible on the web?
  8. Unvirginator

    Changing My Life Habits/ Depression Battle

    hello everyone, well since i saw similar posts i am doing such a post myself (mostly for me ) feel free to read/ignore/judge or whatever u want i just want somewhere to write what i will write below and besides <3 BHW <3 no other forum came in my mind... Well my Name is Ardit 23 years old on...
  9. R

    Facebook Name Change

    I am currently attempting to change my Facebook page name and I keep getting an error. I basically changed usernames on social media and I am attempting to switch my page to a car page and whenever I do it gets denied by Facebook. If you know how to bypass this so I can switch names, please PM...
  10. Greengolegend

    Go meditate

    Hi people from blackhatworld. This thread is not directly linked to business in any way. But in many accasions this will improve your business life aswell. Why? Because stress will be less and even in stressful moments you won't be affected as much anymore. You will be less likely too make...
  11. C

    Need help. Channel going downhill..

    Hey guys. So I have a YT channel with the name "Chaos Gaming - Clash Royale". I upload videos every 2 days and have 600 subs. As you all know YT algorithm changed, but I didn't care. Before the change, I was getting 200+ views on my vids. Skimming through my channel, you can literally see every...
  12. ChangeMentality

    Student on journey for better life

    Hopefully long journey to better life. ABOUT ME: I am a student and a programmer in 20's and I'm online more than half of my usual day. I am constantly finding and making small scripts and bots that automate my every day tasks and make my life easier. I love coding and sharing. I've been on...
  13. ChangeMentality

    Student on a hopefully life changing journey

    I am a student and a programmer in 20's and I'm online more than half of my usual day. Finally I decided to change my life and I hope to be able to do so with help of this forum. I've been on this forum for two days now, around 12 hours of reading different methods and ways to enter the IM world...
  14. stanimus

    Long time lurker. time for change

    Hey all , i have been a lurker here for a long time and always read the IM journeys and various other post to get ideas. i want a fresh start and could really use some advice on where to begin . (a little about me) Im a 22yr old Computer science student from UK, no part time work . I have made...
  15. C

    Change your Facebook Username and Name after having bought Facebook account ?

  16. A


    Hello the comunity = ) the issue is simple as this: In order to sell You have to be rated, In order to be rated You have to sell, That's why we unite in order to exchange the rating, This post is for honest sellers who love the art of selling. IN ORDER TO SWAP FEEDBACK PLS LEAVE YOUR SKYPE IN...
  17. X

    25 Valid Youtube Accounts change for AddMeFast Account with Points

    I would change an AddMeFast acc for 25 Valid Youtube Accounts. How much AddMeFast Points do you want for 25 Youtube Accounts with Password? Thx.
  18. G

    Should I move my site to a new Domain Name?

    Hey BHW I hope you guys can help me with a dillema I have an exact match domain site that was created about 2 months ago. It was created just before the penguin 2.0 update and throughout the update it was ranking in the 2nd position for its targeted keyword. However in the first couple of...
  19. L

    Tasting success for the first time, but wondering how to optimize

  20. T

    BARTER - I will exchange my PRO graphic services with your SEO

    Hi. They say, I am pro designer, so pls.look at fkrivdacom or at dribbblecomfkrivda ...aaaaand if you like it, we can make a barter. I will design website, app, logo, banner, whatever you need. For exchange I need some SEO services for my english site. I am looking for someone who knows...
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