1. Affiliate3750

    Help with google account and campaigns

    Hello Guys , im marketer a long for couple of years and been away from google ads for a while , i try to create campaigns in google ads , but the old methods doesnt work , i would be happy if there someone who can walk with me in this, for a payment of course, help me with setting up campaigns...
  2. B

    How to make ads disapprove (social casino) HELP PLS

    Hello, I've bee trying to create my social casino campaigns and have the exact status. To get the exact status, I must make the ad disapprove and have it appealed but I'm having a hard time making the ad disapprove in status. Can anyone help or provide any tips or strategy? Thanks,
  3. Eholic

    Campaign Daily Budget Spend Between Ad Groups

    Hello, The below question applies to Bing Ads (mainly), Google Ads and YouTube Ads. When setting the campaign's daily budget spend, (for example $5/day) how does this budget usually get spent between ad groups? I am thinking of doing 2 or 3 ad groups maximum for this campaign. Let me know...
  4. V

    Need Help! Campaigns Banned Frequently

    Hello ! m running a shopify store selling different kind off product. now i want to run google Edward campaign but google continuously banned my campaigns. please suggest me any good cloaker which will help me to safely run my campaign or any other idea regarding campaign blockage
  5. Shropdog

    How to keep your rankings once you have them?

    So ive worked hard on our money site to the point when i now launch a new product or blog it starts to rank well for lots of terms, both main target keywords and other long tails that google finds relevant. Lots of times im getting second page straight away, and even 5 or so keywords straight...
  6. D

    How to tag specific user for Facebook posts in Jarvee?

    Hi there I'm relatively new to Jarvee, and am wondering how to tag specific users in Facebook campaigns. I've noticed this is possible for Twitter and Instagram, but not Facebook. I've also tried looking online, but not to no avail. For example, if I had a friend name John Smith and I wanted...
  7. 4

    Super Viral Digital Guerilla Campaign

    Hello All, Im somewhat of a newb. I was here a long time ago but couldn't remember the user/email i used back then. I'm looking for some advice or even to possibly hire someone to help me create a super Viral digital marketing campaign. I have a lot of experience with whitehat SEO but that's...
  8. N

    Ripping landing pages - easiest ways

    Hello Blackhatters, I was wondering if some people could share their way of copying LPs from other affiliates. When I see a good LP for an offer I'm running, I think about ripping and then optimizing it. What is the easiest way? So far, I can only think of taking a screenshot and then send it...
  9. J

    Need An Advice Over Device Targetting In Adwords.

    Hi, I have this client who is demanding only desktop/laptop traffic from adwords. I have been using adwords for a while but i could never eliminate tablet traffic and it usually stays around 50% of the total traffic. Sometimes even more. Tried few tweaks after research but doesn't work as...
  10. D

    Submitting and Ranking sites in foreign countries

    Hello everyone.Newbie here. I have some ideas for a few blackhat cpa campaigns. Trough some research Ive found out that the niche I will be using has very low competition in countries such as Germany,Australia,Brazil etc.. Does anyone have any advice or tutorials on how I can about accomplishing...
  11. D

    How to Run Facebook Ads ?

    I Need Facebook Campaign Trick To Promote My Click Bank Products ! And I Need The Facebook Coupons Trick To Use Them To Run Campaigns If There is Any VCC's for the Facebook Campaign , I Need Those In Bulk !!
  12. C

    Large Volume Friendly Affiliate Program

    We have several direct lead campaigns, all in-house and direct buyer campaigns. Looking for large volume compliant mailers and affiliates to do constant traffic and lead volume. Looking for experienced marketers who know their stuff. We have several affiliate doing 5 figures a week PM or...
  13. K

    150 Edu Leads a Day?

    I have an Elite Proxy VPS setup. But I can't use that same IP from the VPS to submit these Valid Leads I have to the EDU Campaigns. What do you suggest I should do? I mean I receive about 150 valid leads a day for EDU Campaigns. I have a webpage up with the EDU Banners from the networks and I...
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