business plan

  1. Meerakat

    Looking for a writer

    I need a business plan written, please make sure you know how to write business plans and are experienced with it. Budget: $16, Word count: 1200
  2. Holzr

    [Advice Needed] Explain A Websites Strengths and Weaknesses To People Without SEO Knowledge

    I need to present some strengths and weaknesses of competitor websites in my niche to 3/4 people who may or not have knowledge on SEO. For example I have a list of 5 main competitors in my niche, in terms of competing keywords, I need to explain their main strengths and weaknesses. If you had...
  3. WarLords

    My Shopify Dropshipping Business; Your Advice Needed

    Hello, Recently I started dropshipping but failed along the way, so i learn and still learning about my previews mistakes just don't want to repeat them again so here I come in need for some help and advice. some of the questions are: 1 . How to set the global pricing in oberlo 2,1.5 or? 2 ...

    [Help] Starting digital marketing business

    Starting digital marketing company Hello, Recently I graduated from college. I was a property appraisal but decided it wasn't for me. I started the business with my friend but at the end of the day I feel like it's not my passion So I'm thinking about creating my own business. My progress...
  5. barselo

    Advice On A Business Plan

    Hello Everyone, I need to put together a business plan for a company I am starting and was wondering about getting some insight from you folks in here. Do you have forms you use, or a software like Live plan Im not trying to pay them for a year to use a service I will...
  6. jibin

    How to make money by building a blog in "make money online" niche?

    So I am planning to build a website around "making money online". My current plan is to - Publish quality posts on how to make money - Sell products that people can use to make money What are some other options i got to make money with a website in this niche?
  7. T

    Step By Step For Drafting Your Own Business Plan.

    For anyone, that may need some help drafting up their own business plan. I have decided to share my own step by step guide, which I drafted up myself to help me structure my own ( i still did not get around drafting my own business plan lol) however I am still sharing, GoodLuck to all that...
  8. R

    Need advice/comments about my "business plan" (adult video production)

    Hello everyone! I am new here and need advice/comments regarding my adult "business plan". Sorry if this is a bit long. My background: I have 8 years of experience in creative industry in my home country - mostly TV ads. Have quite good equipment base. I have done work in adult industry last...
  9. N

    Business Plan writer needed

    Hello, For Ceramic factory we need business plan expert/writer . We are in need of Business Plan for credits in Banks and for potential Investors in our company. All interested can write us privatly here . best regards, Nemke
  10. S

    Need effective Business Plan Step by Step

    Affiliate marketing: Youtube video review,Article marketing,Buy-sell ads paid traffic,Product review and classified ad posting. My Problem: How can i start?which i do first?Which i do next?Can not take proper plan.So need help................ I will work per day minimum 15 to 18 hours. So i...
  11. mystery

    How Would YOU Build Your Corp Business?!

    What would you do, step by step, to start from zero and proceed to building your own corp business and company? It doesn't matter what niche you are in. What were the steps you followed to have your own well established company, or what would be the steps you'd follow to achieve that, in case...
  12. V

    Business Plan writing

  13. S

    I am ready to Invest & Ready to work in JV mode if you have good business process

    Hi, I have 200 seated IT company with high system cofig with call center set up too and I am ready to invest on any good projects. If you anyone have good IT process let me know. also it is easy for me to recruit IT professionals. Thanks.
  14. S

    REV SHARING: 200 seats available Looking for genuine IT& ITES process

    Hi, I have 200 seats with highly configured systems with call center set up. Looking for business process like. 1. .net application development. 2. Inbound call center process. 3. graphic designing 4. data entry 5. Application maintenance quality professional in low cost...
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