Need advice/comments about my "business plan" (adult video production)

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    Hello everyone!
    I am new here and need advice/comments regarding my adult "business plan". Sorry if this is a bit long.

    My background: I have 8 years of experience in creative industry in my home country - mostly TV ads. Have quite good equipment base. I have done work in adult industry last one year - mostly photo shoots and some videography, but lots of adult video editing work (for other content provider specialising in BDSM). I am now starting to produce my own adult content full time since finally I set up my own shooting space. I have already established good working relations with several models.

    How to proceed?

    My plan so far:

    I want to start with managing account in clips4sale (already I opened an account there). I know about 15 other sites like that but I heard reports that clips4sale is the best. I think best would be to make a separate studio (account) featuring one model. I have couple of ladies (milfs) as potential business partners (they - starring, me - providing all technical solution) who imho have personality and charisma to become somewhat stars and gain fan base. Right now they are doing mostly escorting, but they feel good in front of camera and can do stuff with not much barriers. I think if we work hard together to upload videos to clips4sale on a daily basis and to update twitter on a daily basis then popularity would come soon. I plan us to offer to make custom made (according to end user brief) videos later on. Also drive traffic from clips4sale to the lady's own website for webcam shows etc. Sell full movies in her own website etc.

    But here is little problem. I am based in UK. Here even for free adult websites you need a paywall with credit card (not debit) to protect children...that defers lots of customers (I think)...

    There are I guess many more things I could do regarding IM but this is not my strong side so I hope to learn about it on the go.

    Any suggestions/comments/advice regarding my plan?

    Maybe I am going completely the wrong direction in my planning and it is bound to fail?

    Thanks for reading.