business manager

  1. J

    Trouble with ad account creation

    Is there anyone else having trouble creating the 4 ad accounts in Facebook after the first billing?
  2. K

    PLEASE HELP!!! Creating Business Managers through the api (Need solution)

    Hey Guys, Please help us. Recently I was creating BM through the Python. I was using brut accounts on Facebook, and with the api was creating up to 2 BMs on each of them. So basically the way to create BM was following: 1.Log in into brut account 2. Confirm e-mail address (using your own) 3...
  3. HotAccounts

    Facebook Business Verifications

    Hello guys, hope you're find and everything is so far so good Everyday I'm getting more curious about busines verifications So far, we know that it could be with any domain or you can also go with shopify sites Also, there are 2 ways I only know up to this date 5/22/2020: One of them it's...
  4. HotAccounts

    Can't create Facebook BM's

    Hello guys, just wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's something about Facebook these days, I have been experimented the following error when it comes to create new BM: An error ocurred while processing this request. Please try again later. I used to unblock that error going to...
  5. Ad account

    price of business manager

    What is the best price of a business manager should be? Sometimes i saw huge difference between the price of business manager of different seller.
  6. Chdead

    if your Personal Fb account got locked Check unusual IPs

    Hello Guys! I've been buying dropshipping fb ads for more than a year now and had more than $300k spent (no black hat) last month I had my personal fb account & more than 7 BM closed, my fb account kept Logging in/Logging out for almost an hour before everything collapsed and after fb...
  7. H

    Hi, New to BHW and Need Help with Facebook Accounts and BM

    Hi everyone, I'm glad to be a part of the community! I am trying to warm up aged Facebook accounts, (8+ years) that I purchased online, to use business manager for advertising . I use a virtual machine and proxies, verified phone numbers, location matching and multiple pictures. Unfortunately...
  8. L

    Facebook Business Manager Account Certify

    Hey, I'd like to know how can I get my FB BM Account Certify cause the button is grey and can't verify my business.
  9. H

    Business Manager Account Limit -1

    My business manager is currently locked on ad account creation limit -1. I have made 3 payments on the single ad account that is associated with my BM but the limit is still there. I have never faced this issue and the ad account limit used to jump to 5 as soon as I used to make the payment on...
  10. C

    Facebook Profile Banned from Ads Manager. Urgent Help Needed!!

    So I have been running my ad account for my legit clothing brand (ECommerce but not dropshipping) for 3 years now with no problems. This year I gave a freelancer access to help me with the ads. This is all done within one business manager profile. I recently got into dropshipping for separate...
  11. Fox-con12

    Facebook Business Manager

    Sorry if this was posted before, couldn't find the answers I was looking for. I'm running ads on multiple FB accounts using personal accounts, each ad account is managed independently on its own Ads Manager. I want to be more efficient and use FB Business Manager to be able to view and manage...
  12. kurosaki4d

    How to add MasterCard to Facebook Ads ?

    Hello, I recently tried to add my Mastercard through my Business Manager account which i successfully did. Afterwards i created my Ad account from which i had one of the payments option to use Business Manager payment method, and it showed the mastercard i added. When i try to validate the...
  13. ad149

    How to find potential clients and how to persuade them

    Let's share our "hacks" we have learned throughout the years. I'll start first Find clients I personally use google maps scraper softwares and linkedin as well as VC backed startups Persuade Don't sell the product, sell the experience, the gains and profits. Don't say I want to sell you...
  14. Toxic Candy

    High Quality Old & New Facebook Accounts

    High Quality Old & New Facebook Accounts Non Pva Fresh Profile = 0.80$ Per Account Pva Fresh Profile = 1.50$ Per Account 1-6 Month Aged = 2.50$ Per Account 1 Year Aged = 3.25$ Per Account 2-3 Year Aged = 4$ Per account Accounts With Business Manager = 8$ Per Account **We Can Provide Discount...