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  1. Verified BM FB store

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  2. L

    What happens to a FB page if the BM requested access to the page & then got their ads disabled?

    I've been suggested to use a BM and then REQUEST ACCESS to the FB page. Once the BM has access, I can run ads using the BM's ad account. I'm wondering what happens to my page if the BM or the BM's ad account gets disabled. Has anyone ever had this happen?
  3. J

    Business manager ban with domain

    I’ve had a business manager account banned with my domain stuck after verifying it via DNS because of the new IOS update procedures. Can anybody help? Does anybody know how to unlink this domain? Thanks
  4. OKFB

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  5. OKFB

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  6. F

    "Account near restriction" message in Business Manager - First Time I see it.

    Hi guys, I wanted to discuss about this new feature Facebook has added. If you go in "Account Quality" section now, you will see a "Account near restriction" message if you did something wrong (or not maybe). They tell you that you maybe have violated their rules and they show you some links...
  7. saweryip

    ✅Facebook accounts/ ID verified profile / Business Manager accounts✅

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  8. C

    PVA Business Manager Creation

    I have recently purchased a pack of Facebook PVA’s, looks like the accounts were created about a week ago. I am curious how long I need to log activity on the accounts to avoid suspicious activity when I attempt to create any business managers. Any tips on this? The accounts are all functioning...
  9. ForSpam

    Result: How receive 250$ spend limit.

    I hasten to tell you a couple of little jokes. Or rather, "how receive 250$ spend limit" In test was used 2 logs facebook - where on personal ads account was Policy lock. - but already confirmed identity in ads manager (docs accepted) And im create per 1 Business Manager . And than create per 1...
  10. verifiedbm

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    ✅Trusted Facebook business managers for your profitable advertising campaign✅ Our contacts: How is the payment done? We accept payment with: BTC, WebMoney, QIWI. If you have questions left, we will be happy to answer them in this thread.
  11. H

    Looking for a Facebook Expert to stabilize dropshipping business model

    Hello. We are having some big issues with Facebook - they keep restricting our BM, accounts and personal profiles. This means that every coworker in the company has now a restricted personal profile. We have tried buying BM and profiles, but the risk of them gettting shot down is also high. We...
  12. Zuckmeister

    FB BMs, Ad Accounts & Personal Profiles Restricted (WH Agency) - Looking for consultant to help ASAP

    Hello, My agency is managing 100+ ad accounts for clients. Totally white hat ads, we work with dental practices and have been doing so for the last 2.5 years without any issues. Recently Facebook has started shutting down everything that is possible to shut down, multiple BMs, ad accounts...
  13. MicroBit-OMS

    Amazon Seller Central Assistant and Google Voice & Gmail Account Creation Services.

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  14. Z

    Facebook BM closed , Id verification Bypass

    Hello there so i got my 5th business manager shut down again today after 1 week I'm using old fake account , they asked for my id , anyone got any idea on how to bypass it ? and does it have to be the same country where i created the account from ? also is anyone trusted here selling old...
  15. Dolphin_tool

    Dolphin - Manage advertising of all Facebook accounts in one window⚪

  16. cheetahsop

    Facebook Manager - can’t make ads on Instagram [Europe]

    Hello we have big problem from yesterday Facebook turn off to making ads on ads manager to Instagram posts. Can’t to use it - only we can use blue button on Instagram promote post but you know that it’s making more spending costs. Do you know what’s going on?
  17. S

    How to avoid Facebook restrictions / blockings ?

    Hello everybody, I'm new on this forum, i went here to learn more info and tips on how Facebook works. I'm doing ecommerce and I use mainly Facebook Ads. I see all my bought profiles and BM getting blocked. Can someone explain me how to have a long term use of my profiles and BMs : do I have...
  18. ristoriel

    What proxy to use for FB advertisement account?

    Hello BHW! I have bought facebook account with Business Manager and ad account, and I would like to make sure that Facebook will not recognize me at all. I'm not running any BH offers, just a regular eCommerce. Does anyone has any proxy suggestions for this kind of purpose?
  19. Akkfren676

    DISABLED ADS_INTEGRITY_POLICY after spending 10-15$ on Business Manager.

    Hello! I have a problem - i get ADS_INTEGRITY_POLICY everytime after spending 10-15$ on Business Manager. I tested different cloacking soft but everything is useless. On personal advertising accounts, the situation is better, but there is a limit of $ 50. Please help :)
  20. J

    Does creditcard country has to match Business Manager country?

    Hi guys, First time poster here, have been reading on BHW for a while and got a lot of useful tips. My Facebook account + business manager got banned a while ago. Not fun, but sh*t happens.. So I have everything set-up fresh now, new aged account, business manager, new device,dedicated new...