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    Need A Verified BM UK and To pay via Paypal - Willing To Pay A Large Amount To Help Set It Up

    Struggling to set up ads for my jewellery brand each time it gets banned. Looking for someone who can help set up a verified business manager in the UK with a high daily spend.
  2. I

    Facebook Multiple BM's Account / Domain Structure Question

    Hey everyone - I'm currently running a brand in a higher risk category in FB's eyes (weight loss). I am in the process of getting multiple BMs via MLA / proxies but had a two questions regarding BM account structures and domains. For clarification, it's not BH, but we use more aggressive...
  3. D

    Transfer complete Facebook business suite and assets (ad accounts, pages, business manager) to another Facebook profile?

    I'm trying to figure out if anyone has any advice or has dealt with this before. Long story short I work for a small company in their marketing department. Prior to me working there, the main business account which had the pages and ad accounts and all assets was owned by the owner of the...
  4. D

    Facebook Feedback Score

    Good day everyone, I would like to know if any of you know exactly how companies like Unlimited Scaling and FeedbackScore are increasing peoples' Facebook score pages? Are they hiring manual workers or buying Facebook accounts in bulk and using them to provide feedbacks? I am struggling with...
  5. saweryip


    **** FACEBOOK AD ACCOUNTS ARE BANNED???? WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU WITH FACEBOOK AD ACCOUNTS... * Are you having a headache because your Facebook ad account keeps getting banned? even the page, profile or BM... * Your work is delayed, no longer profitable, your money gradually disappears. ****...
  6. L

    Facebook ads get always blocked

    Hey guys, I have a warmed FB ads accounts that I'm trying to add a credit card to, for some reason they getting blocked, I have tried many VCC providers, the reason is Risk payment ban Do you guys have tips on how to avoid it? For example today I got a new credit card, the first account runs...
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    Hi, Newbie Here, Just started working in consulting as a digital business manager and looking to learn more about digital marketing. Open to book and course suggestions.
  8. FarmCloud

    Facebook Accounts for Ads

    Get 50% Off* Write to our manager *one order up to 10 "Standard UA" accounts and you must be 3 months+ BHW member

    How to post ads of clients

    Hi. I got few clients to do social media marketing so if they want to post a facebook ad, how can i do? Do i need to have BM and add their ad account or be an admin of their page? How to take payment for the ads from them? Thanks guys
  10. Verified BM FB store

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    TEXT VERSION AccHub Store We are a manufacturer of goods. This allows us to maintain some of the lowest prices on the market and can provide fast and efficient post-purchase support to customers. FACEBOOK VERIFIED BUSINESS MANAGER BM $50 limit - price $62 BM $250 limit - price $69 High...
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    Refund policy: The warranty lasts 24 hours. Refund is available if: The link/account is not active The daily limits are not accurate The Business Manager is disabled We process the refund to your wallet, that was used to make the payment. For the refund please contact us on Telegram. How is...
  12. saweryip


    ***SELL FACEBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER ACCOUNT, OLD FAN PAGES, PERSONAL AD ACCOUNT ***LEASE YOU ACCOUNT TO RUN WH,GH ADS - RENT FEE = 4-10% ADS COST *****PRICE LIST ★★★ BM ACCOUNTS - Verified Business Manager: $120-$150 ( After first payment, Limit of creating ad accounts will be come 3 ad accounts)...
  13. Verified BM FB store

    ✅Verified Business Managers Facebook✅

    TEXT VERSION: FACEBOOK VERIFIED BUSINESS MANAGER BM $50 limit - price $110 BM $250 limit - price $120 High level of trust. BM confirmed by the documents of a real company. Unlimited daily budget Billing limits $50 and $250 Refund and Replace Policy: BM was banned before the link was...
  14. L

    What happens to a FB page if the BM requested access to the page & then got their ads disabled?

    I've been suggested to use a BM and then REQUEST ACCESS to the FB page. Once the BM has access, I can run ads using the BM's ad account. I'm wondering what happens to my page if the BM or the BM's ad account gets disabled. Has anyone ever had this happen?
  15. J

    Business manager ban with domain

    I’ve had a business manager account banned with my domain stuck after verifying it via DNS because of the new IOS update procedures. Can anybody help? Does anybody know how to unlink this domain? Thanks
  16. OKFB

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    ✅Verified Facebook Business Managers ▶️NO LIMIT | OKFB SHOP

    ***************************** TEXT VERSION ***************************** Facebook Verified Business Managers (Unlimited) *** NO DAILY BUDGET LIMIT FACEBOOK TRUST YOU AS COMPANY UP TO 5 AD ACCS ON 1 BM AFTER 100$ SPEND START PROMOTE ANY GEO & BUDGET UPLOAD LOOK-ALIKE AUDIENCE WITHOUT MODERATION...
  18. F

    "Account near restriction" message in Business Manager - First Time I see it.

    Hi guys, I wanted to discuss about this new feature Facebook has added. If you go in "Account Quality" section now, you will see a "Account near restriction" message if you did something wrong (or not maybe). They tell you that you maybe have violated their rules and they show you some links...
  19. saweryip

    ✅Facebook accounts/ ID verified profile / Business Manager accounts✅

    SELL FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, BUSINESS MANAGER ACCOUNT *****PRICE ★ Verified Business Manager: $100-$120 ★ Unlimited spending Business Manager: 200-250$ ( BM5) - require ordering 24 hours in advance ★ Business Manager Account - limit 50$ daily: $6 - $10 ★ Business Manager Account - limit 250$ daily...
  20. C

    PVA Business Manager Creation

    I have recently purchased a pack of Facebook PVA’s, looks like the accounts were created about a week ago. I am curious how long I need to log activity on the accounts to avoid suspicious activity when I attempt to create any business managers. Any tips on this? The accounts are all functioning...