1. ATuringtest

    WP Plugin Paid membership Pro Help

    Anyone know how to just set it so that you can only sign to be a member if you pay ? Also I'm using the buddypress plugin if that make a difference :)
  2. K

    problem on my WordPress site

    Hello ! I have a wordpress site, in our site I use two different theme, the first for the public homepage and the second for it is a private site that is to say the user can not access the private site to create an account on the first site, and maintenanet I find problem, how can view the two...
  3. eaglesWTF

    Fake users for BuddyPress/Wordpres/Datingwebsite

    Hello, I'm running Dating Website with Wordpress + BuddyPress and so far I have just few hundreds members. I'm interested maybe there is some way I can get Fake conent on it? How can I generate fake users with profile pictures and other info? Maybe I can buy them somewhere or maybe there are...
  4. S

    What software can be used to post to BuddyPress and SocialEngine Web 2.0's?

    Hi all, I'm setting up my first campaign today, dabbling with Black Hat after years in White Hat SEO. I figure if you can't beat them, join them! My question is: UltimateDemon can post to Dolphin, Jcow, PHPFox, Elgg and PHPizabi; how can I automate posting on BuddyPress and SocialEngine Web...
  5. phobia2381

    What file host & plan are you using for social network site?

    Even though I don't understand alot about hosting and even php I've been researching for a month straight or longer and teaching myself as much as I can. Google does work miracles but in this case I'd like to ask and see what pp here on BHW are using to host there own social network site. Such...

    Absolutly Amazing Dating Site Theme At ThemeForest: Sweet Date - Who Wants To Group-Buy?

    Sweet Date - Premium Wordpress Theme for Lovers hxxp://themeforest.net/item/sweet-date-premium-wordpress-theme-for-lovers/4994573 I think this theme is amazing. I have been playing around with the demo for at least an hour today alone. Probably the best looking buddypress theme the net has...
  7. C

    injecting links into buddypress member posts/pages/custom post types

    Hi everyone, forgive me if I sound ignorant, I am an extreme newbie to this. I was just wondering if anyone could guide me to any kind of plugin,softwaresolution, script, or just plain info, that might be able to allow me to inject posts or custom post types that my buddypress members create...
  8. B

    Best Social Networking Software?

    What is the Best Social Networking Software? I am considering starting a social network around a specific topic and have looked at a few options that get mixed reviews. Software I have looked at includes phpFox, Social Engine, and BuddyPress (duh!). I had looked at Ning but don't like that...
  9. EnlightenedOne

    Need a freelancer for Wordpress: Multisite, Buddypress, WPMU - Forum.

    I want to clone wordpress.com but with my own themes, plugins and all of that so that my clients can build their own websites. The idea here will be that anyone can register and "make a website" for free but I will up-sell domains, use of essential plugins and so on. Buddypress and a forum...
  10. gettinthere

    Hosting recommendation for rapidly growing community site (wordpress): cloud / vps / dedi?

    Hello, hosting, servers, ip addresses...I find it all rather confusing (& often conflicting info out there!). I guess my primary concern is that the site grows rapidly & outgrows its resources resulting in downtime for upgrades. My understanding is that I need "cloud" hosting & I've been...
  11. gettinthere

    Large Wordpress site with many users ; email delivery & newsletter advice

    Hello, I'm looking for advice from anyone who runs a large Wordpress/buddypress based site regarding emails. I'm looking for advice in three main areas; general emails (eg confirmations, forgot password etc) newsletter integration & generation membership reminders General Emails The site is...
  12. R

    buddypress autoblog - how?

    hi guys, I want to put together an autoblog that has a social aspect to it, is there a way to pull yahoo answers to autopopulate the forums threads? maybe using wp-robot with yahoo answers? Any other ideas? thanks
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