Best Social Networking Software?


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Oct 6, 2012
What is the Best Social Networking Software? I am considering starting a social network around a specific topic and have looked at a few options that get mixed reviews. Software I have looked at includes phpFox, Social Engine, and BuddyPress (duh!). I had looked at Ning but don't like that you have to pay monthly fees for it.

So if anyone has expediences with these social networking software, good or bad, I would appreciate hearing them.
Anybody with this? I'm also planning to start a social network.

To OP,

Not trying to hijack.

The mingle plugin can be used on Wordpress. Less spam issues than Buddypress, and a easyer theme management( works on any Wp theme..)
I Can link to my network site if anyone wants to have a look and try out the features..
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There are a couple of free social engines ones out there:

- Pligg
- Oxwall
- Dolphin
- Elgg
- Enginey

Or consider using a portal like:
- liferay
- or maybe apache's esme project

But keep in mind that your server environment has to be able to handle the load...
For example: A Liferay server can handle around 30'000 signed in users at the same time - if you want to go beyond that you will have to setup a cluster with a Loadbalancer...

cheers olystyle
Why you don't do a search? It's more simple and you will find the solution more fast
You could use a program like Onlywire or to automatically bookmark your posts every time you make them. It takes a little while to set them up to begin with but once they are setup you don't have to do anything in order to build on social networks.
Its not network content marketing he is asking for. Its software to make his own social media network... I think is history now by the way..
I just started using Jcow. While it's not exactly what I wanted, it seems to be very easy to set up and maintain. So far I'm pretty happy with it.
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