bots create

  1. panfik

    Looking for Programmer, Soft Developer, Coder (Joint Venture)

    Lets get straight into it this JV is about My Marketing skills + ideas and you systems/ability to create systems/bots I’ve got a fuckin ton of ideas to get this up and running today Just need a long term, serious partner to bring this to the next level I’ve been doing SMMA and Internet...
  2. noellarkin

    Simple No-Code Bots and Automation for Beginners

    I'm far from an expert on botting, but I've been working on my skillset for close to a year now, and am reasonably proficient when it comes to scaling to a couple thousand bots, using JS based browser automation, and distributing botting operations across multiple computers. I'm still pretty...
  3. D'Dark

    I'm looking for a bot developer for KWAI

    I need a programmer who can create a bot for kwai, maybe also for tiktok, i am also interested in other projects related to instagram
  4. isaac.b

    Working On Building Social Bot Empire Using Cpa

    saw on another thread, using free traffic from social spamming to make 10k/month from cpa i have all the relevant software needed for the spamming i just need hundreds of accounts so does anyone know any free mass social account creators? and.... whats the best networks to monetize these...
  5. S


    Just saying Hi. Just joined. I am hoping to get some bots sorted for things like social media and to sign a petition. thanks.
  6. saulop

    how to have multiple facebook accounts?

    lately I'm trying to make money as a facebook affiliate, I create the account and I add as many friends as possible, and I divulge products and also my page, now it's not working, all my accounts have been blocked and they ask for my real identity, facebook shows the message "we want to make...
  7. M

    I need an EXPERIENCED bot maker

    Greetings, I'm interested in speaking with an experienced social media bot maker, for a quality automation bot, for FB, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest - please be able to evidence existing happy clients and your willingness to keep the bot up-to-date. Thank you.
  8. abouttrillions

    What Bots would BHW like to see being made?

    Hi guys, So 2017 is going to be a BIG year for me i am opening a new blog that will be about IM and bots etc. Now my question is what bots would you guys like to see? i am planning on putting a lot of free bots out there, so just wanted to get some feed back on what would be of use to the BHW...

    **NEED BOT ASAP***

    Need mass email sender Please message me on skype alwaysaggrandize

    **NEED BOT ASAP***

    Please message me on skype alwaysaggrandize
  11. B

    Bot Maker For Hire

    Hello, I am looking to hire a well practiced bot maker for a black hat job. I do not feel like specifying the details of the job to the entire forum so if you are interested shoot me a private message to learn more and apply.
  12. I

    Greetings from the Netherlands

    Hi BHW'ers, I am indostyle from the Netherlands. I joined this community as I am looking for help for my online business and especially in the area of bots. If you can help me out or wanna know more, hmu. Thanks guys.
  13. R

    I will be the #1 BOT maker of this forum!

    Hi everybody, first of all im so happy to join this amazing comunity. My speciality is making bots for automating tasks(any task), and i must say i am pretty good at it. My plan here is to build free and paid bots to the community. See you at the boards!
  14. H

    Total newbie from Aus.... Just got one question

    Hi to all. First of all I must declare Im a complete novice (even less than that) with anything to do with coding and the rest. Been browsing through most things on this site and a lot of it goes straight over my head :) Interested in bots... Most are aimed at the biggies Like Soundcloud, fb...
  15. V

    How to make money with BOTS

    I am thinking to create some automated BOTS for different processes .Prior to that i want some suggestions form forum members that how i can make money from them and also some suggestions as well what BOTS can help me to make more money .Will wait for all members valuable suggestions thanks
  16. yorktownfashion

    Would like to buy a membership of blackhattooz with someone

    Would like to buy a membership of blackhattoolz but the price is high for me because I only wanna use one of the bots there.So if someone wanna buy it with me,then we can buy it together to save money.Anyone interest please pm me.Thank you! If you have an account for sale,that would be good...
  17. ch8878

    Looking for someone to make or has a auto bot that wins $$ from online games

    I want to know if any has or can make an auto bot that wins $$ from online games don't matter what game let me know buy posting or PM me.
  18. M

    I need programmer to create an auto post soft/bot for me

    I want a bot/soft which can help me post as many post to a website as possible. I need multiple threads and proxy/sock support too. The details of this job could be sent to u once you PM me please. Simply give me your email in PM. Thank you! ;) My YM : himynameismike_77 I will pay more for the...
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