It isn't actually. I have a PayPal Monkey Generator and I can generated a thousand PayPal monkeys on a daily basis, which I sell in bulk, to different zoos. Made shitload of cash from it.
Due to these stupid titles they give us (Newbie) I'm subjected and ridiculed by complete bull$hit.
Just because i'm a newbe to this website doesn't mean I'm not going to net 7 figures at the end of the year..
Lol... Why's everyone shitting on this thread.
I guess OP should include more info in his post so everyone knows what bot he needs and avoid capslock still I don't think it is a reason to put dirt on him.
I apologize if I offended you OP, I was just being a bit jestful. In regard to your request, you need to provide a brief description of what bot you want, and that too in the OT. Also, you need to offer some incentives and state that in your thread. Asking for something with such vague description kinda implies that you aren't much serious about your proposal or just lazy to not write a proper description, which in results, drives away potential interested coders.
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