1. appcowz

    "Flip" bots, why has no one done this yet?

    There's a new shopping app called "Flip" that has been experiencing astronomic growth in the US thanks to its extremely generous referral policy. For referring a user, you can get paid between $50-$200 dollars. It's not real cash, you need to use it in the app. But it could be used to buy...
  2. gulpx

    Reverse engineers required, high pay teams are welcome long term project.

    Hi, I am looking for a reverse engineers with scripting and proxy experience proxies being the most difficult part due to the endless amount of tasks required a good example of this project would be bulk creating social media accounts and other platforms If you have a team you can work with...
  3. S

    Twitter Botnet

    We are looking for a freelancer to create / provide / develop a software to automatically mass-manage Twitter accs (1-5k at once). Accs will need to like, follow, tweet, retweet, and DM automatically (live on their own), and occasionally spread required messages. Looking for something like this...
  4. MrWhite2018

    How can this guy send up to 500k views to his videos-=> [hacked botnet/custom bots?]

    Had a client ask me about this person last week I have tried to figure out his secret without success. I'm not going to be adding his videos but can tell you they consist of fake niches for CPA like game hacks/paid app access. Here's the thing I have found around 100+ of his videos and they...
  5. T. d. L.

    Twitter Bot Need Freelancer

    I need a freelancer to realise what described here: (ita) Thank you in advance
  6. Degen

    Whats up with these botnets and children channel?

    Does anyone know the specifics of why children channels are in demand for botnets? I came across 'Animal family' Within 6 months 1B + views and 4.2m subs (channel created 2013) It had about 20-35 subs before the peak!
  7. Q

    Social Media Clickjacking - Yammer

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has tried clickjacking Yammer (social media for businesses) for likes. Or is there a generic way already done for Facebook / instagram that can be tried on this website too? We have a 'competition' going on In our company and the post with most likes will win...
  8. A

    i need to build a botnet traffic software

    i need a botnet views for youtube, can someone help me to build it?

    **NEED BOT ASAP***

    Need mass email sender Please message me on skype alwaysaggrandize

    **NEED BOT ASAP***

    Please message me on skype alwaysaggrandize
  11. percentsharp

    Challenged by a Friend, Need to Conflate GA Numbers >:)

    Hi all! A buddy of mine and I challenged one another to see who could send the most undetectable traffic to one another's sites that pass as real traffic in GA. I'm looking for ideas to buy or generate fake traffic that looks and behaves as real traffic. Winner gets a pizza party! We won't be...
  12. S

    Hiring: Botnet/Emulation Expert

    To boost popularity of music. Think Spotify, Shazam, YouTube. Timeframe ASAP. Inbox me with your experience if interested and I will reply w/Skype!
  13. B

    need someone to operate traffic bots for me

    Looking for someone to operate traffic bots and maybe do other things to generate traffic. Not positive on all the details yet, let me know if anyones interested. You may just require a fast windows pc to do the job or you may need VPS or shared server for the job. Also depends on what bots I...
  14. E

    Need Help With Smart FB Botnet

    I need a facebook account botnet tool, a one wich could report a facebook account with thousands of bots in an instant. (If there is no tool like this, then I am very keen to learn how to make one, right now I have no idea how to start though).
  15. P

    need help testing my security

    need someone with access to a large botnet network who can help me test my security asap - we are talking a legal project. pays $1000.00
  16. A

    Looking for botnet owner (legal) or proxy list

    I'm not exactly clear on the laws surrounding botnets, but I've heard that if you reside in Spain it's not illegal to own a botnet (many of the things botnets are used for are illegal, but that's besides the point). So I'm looking for someone with a legal botnet so I can do some testing across...
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