How to make money with BOTS


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Nov 19, 2010
I am thinking to create some automated BOTS for different processes .Prior to that i want some suggestions form forum members that how i can make money from them and also some suggestions as well what BOTS can help me to make more money .Will wait for all members valuable suggestions thanks
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Bots are made up to scale & automate your campaigns. If you can make few bucks doing something with 1 acc manually, scale it with 100+ and automate it.
demand for what kind of bots exactly? what you're asking is very broad
or if you don't have ideas what kind of bots are in demand, just take a look around on the marketplace among existing sales threads or in the hire a freelancer section where ppl are constantly looking for coders/programmers for a wide variety of projects

mobile is big now and just getting bigger, if you have experience in mobile developing, you can make a nice amount of money, if you're able to make kick ass bots for kik, tinder, snapchat, instagram etc., but it's just one idea

No its not like that i just want to know the demand​

Easy: I want a bot who makes money.

More seriously, a bot for porn: something which could make account on porn sites (images and/or videos), upload images/videos, make comments, share, ...

Or a Fiverr bot which really works.
I want a Google+ bot that will do all the same things as an average Tumblr bot.
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