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    How to make money with BOTS

    I am thinking to create some automated BOTS for different processes .Prior to that i want some suggestions form forum members that how i can make money from them and also some suggestions as well what BOTS can help me to make more money .Will wait for all members valuable suggestions thanks
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    Instagram and Twitter bot that will promote your product for you through hashtags/@

    Are there such things? I'm trying to build up a small brand and would like to get the attention of a younger audience. I've been doing it for about an hour now by hand and I've only got through a handful. Then, I realized that bots could probably perform such tasks. Any input? Thanks a million.
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    My New Twitter Bot!

    Coded in VB6 using HTTP wrappers, so very fast. Scans Automatically for usernames from live feed. Then sends comments to all them usernames .eg 2@username I found this awsome new product! check it out www.<yourlink>.com2 Pic: Im asking: Would anyone be intrested in this new bot? What other...

    Plenty Of Fish Bot

    I am in the final stages of having it coded and I am still in the testing phases. What issues is the current bot having that you would like to overcome? I have it set up to were it saves all messages and topics and sends out a variation of what is saved so if you have enough variations saved it...
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