What Bots would BHW like to see being made?

Mar 22, 2016
Hi guys,

So 2017 is going to be a BIG year for me i am opening a new blog that will be about IM and bots etc.

Now my question is what bots would you guys like to see? i am planning on putting a lot of free bots out there, so just wanted to get some feed back on what would be of use to the BHW community?

Just as a note i am talking about FREE bots so i am not going to make bots that take a huge amount of time to make, i will be willing to make scrapers, account makers etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
Working porn uploading bots to xvideos, pornhub and other tubes.
Instagram account maker
Hot Tip: Never ask consumers what they want :)

People have NO clue for the most part. Some people have specific needs, but when you're talking about finding out what the market wants you can't ask.

You have to come up with your own ideas based on your own perception/analysis of the market, THEN, see how the market reacts to your idea.
Yes, I am also interested with a bot to uploading videos most of the Porn Tube website with an account creator inside ;)
Thanks for the feedback so far guys,

https://www.blackhatworld.com/members/splishsplash.712528/ i can't agree with you 100% on that point, market research is a big deal, hence why companies spend some much money on it.

Also i am talking about putting out there for free that's why i am getting a feel for what people would find of use.
any bot related to domain search, back orders, who.is etc would be good there dosent seem to be a lot of this around the best was by majaor lee but its discountined!
@Ste Fishkin look your taking the PEE i can make that bot (of course) but not for free lol... but i can do a deal for you for that bot AND one that makes your coffee.. have a think about it..
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