1. bdam

    50 Fresh live bookmarking sites tested & verified July 2016 - all work great with BMD
  2. S

    Bookmarking Demon Licenses

    Hello Hatters, I am selling my bookmarking demon licenses priced at $90 each. Price is negotiable if all licenses will be bought. I have 10 licenses on hand. We are going to provide the Clickbank ID, license and all the other things that needs to be shown to show that you will be the legit...
  3. P

    I have the plan to buy GSA or BMD!

    I have the plan to buy GSA or BMD! But I have never used them! Can you give me some ideals? I want a fair assessment is to choose! Thanks you for read my topic!:(
  4. Y

    Any One Interesting In BMD (bookmarking Demon) ? i got extra ORI copy

    Hi, All blackhat member i have an extral BMD but i not using at all. any one interesting can pm me.
  5. Wister_fr

    BMD: Captcha problems "Unable to obtain response from Visaul Aid Provider"

    Hello guys, I had the problem described in the title and I did not find any solution... As I finally find where was the problem (the pb was myself indeed), I just explain what was my error. I am ashamed but it would probably help noobs like me: If the problem apear, just look if you did not...
  6. F

    BOOKMARK HERO - Social Bookmarks at RESELLER PRICE - 2$ and 3$ With Free Drip Feed!

    FAQs: 1. What do you mean by "Accepts up to 20 URLs"? This feature allows you to spread your bookmark submissions over the number of URLs you give. Example: -You ordered Package # 2 - 300 bookmarks (2$) -You gave us 10 URLs. -Each URL will have approximately 30 bookmarks each. -This is good...
  7. C

    Bookmarker Pligg auto-submitter

    There is some new Pligg auto-submitter software for backlinks called Bookmarker. It's not as evolved as BMD, but it's free(not shareware), and it works super well even with CAPTCHA. You can Google "cdnpal bookmarker" for the download page. It also pings Alexa just like the real Alexa browser...
  8. N

    What are your favorite imacros scripts?

    Hi everyone, I just discovered imacros scripts and it seems like it could be extremely useful and save me tons of time. What are some of your favorite imacros scripts for SEO? I was looking for something that might copy BMD and submit to Web 2.0's, social bookmarks... Thanks
  9. N

    Is BMD and AMR right for me?

    I know there are tons of posts out there about Bookmarking Demon, Article Marketing Robot, etc. And if you do SEO as your full time job then buying these are a no brainer. A lot of comments i've read when people ask about BMD and AMR are "well worth it" or "if you can't afford it, then stop...
  10. C

    Wiki Killer & BMD vs Ultimate Demon

    I am planning to buy tool/tools for creating wiki backlinks and for socialbookmarking. I am bit confused though. From what i read, BMD is great for social bookmarking & EWP for posting in wikis,but Ewp out of my budget. Looks like wiki killer is the second best option(if you know any other...
  11. G

    BMD Question

    I am new with Bookmarking demon, just wondering if there is a way to get the exact URL reports for the links rather than just the profile URL report? Or is that another software? Cheers
  12. D

    Captcha Sniper?

    Hi guys, just wanted to check on the buying experience from CAPTCHA Sniper. I bought it close to 24 hours ago and have not received anything other than the paypal recuipt. Not cool, wanted to give it a spin with BMD :(
  13. H

    BMD vs Sick Submitter Bookmark Submitter

    Hi there, I'm considering buying BMD, but i don't know if I can achieve similar results with the bookmark submitter of Sick Submitter if I get a good packet to bookmark (I suppose that I have to pay for it!). Do you think that is better to get good packets of SS, or BMD offers a better...
  14. crowly

    Bookmarking Demon License For Sale

    Hello hatters, I am selling my BMD License. Please only reputable members, price is $80 ( new copy is $147) Thanks Crowly
  15. G

    What is your success rate with BMD?

    Hey guys, I have bought BMD yesterday and had a low success rate with creating accounts and posting. I am using 10 private proxies(squid proxies) just wondering What are your success rates? How many proxies do you guys use? Is there any alternative for social bookmarks that can do at...
  16. L

    Scrapebox footprints for finding scuttle/ pligg ect

    Hey guys, I am stuck trying to find a scrapebox footprint to find scuttle, pligg, phpdug sites to scrape and add to BMD. Foregive my ignorance, but if anyone can help I would be soooo greatful! Thanks in advance.:o
  17. BombaRuLz

    Advice: Tweet Attacks Pro or Bookmarking demon?

    Hello friends, I need some advice from someone who has experienced both programs. I know that they are super powerful and i need advice which one to buy it first. I've tried Tweet attacks and i decided to buy it. Then i saw BMD functions and put me in to thinking. For tweet attacks i'm...
  18. A

    I want to buy BMD but it seems that some of you don't enjoy this soft

    Can you guide me to another soft with the same features? Thanks.
  19. dreadpixel

    Bookmarking Demon expert to install it in my VPS with deathbycaptcha

    As in the title says.. Im willing to pay someone that can integrate Bookmarking demon with deathbycaptcha and making ready accounts to start bookmarking and so on. Please PM me with a price and I will give you teamviewer access.
  20. T

    Bookmarking Demon questions

    So, I need to auto post my articles and partner site articles to social bookmarking sites. I will be doing this with one account on each social bookmarking site. After reading up on all the articles I could find, it seems like BMD is king! It is VITAL that my accounts never be banned as...
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