black hat 101

  1. C

    Newbies: this does NOT work

    There are many misleading posts which can prove very detrimental to unexperimented site owners. One of them is: "you can increase your rankings using [some botted traffic generator]!" No, you CAN'T. I've been testing out 10khits, ipts and somiibo. The results speak for themselves: either you...
  2. Aadya

    What Should I Do With This Expired Domain?

    Hi, this is a 20 year old expired domain of publication started as a website for talking about What & About's in America covering mostly Politics, Society and Sometimes Religion and very very small portion where it talks about American Finances everything that was covered on this website was...
  3. NotKiddingNed

    Hi Everyone! Looking to move from Reselling to Black Hatting

    Hi BHW Members, I resell antiques and collectibles, and I'm looking to move away from that a little bit and get into something else. I'm a positive guy, but I don't like going around all the time trying to find things to resell and dealing with so many people. It's become a lot more difficult...
  4. jesuisdamnaT1

    Content isn't KING for Google anymore

    Managing and running adult sites and advertorials since forever, it's quite weird how Google don't give a shit about cloning or poor old black hat techniques. Ok for me right? Not at all. Competitors are just cloning my sites and they are doing great or even better than me. They're not even...
  5. U

    New and need help with BH social media

    So I bought aged FB accounts from seller and I noticed this message pop up when trying to log into accounts. "We limit how often you can post, comment or do other things in a given amount of time in order to help protect the community from spam." I was getting into accounts fine for a while...
  6. Ankith K Shetty

    Is promoting email processing illegal?

    HI, I am just curious about this. Because back in the day, when some one approached me with a plan for 25$ I was very attracted to get it. But I never did because someone told me it is illegal. However when I am trying to search regarding this is the internet. I am not getting an answer. Anyone...
  7. Renfield-Files

    Need Help!

    I need to buy YT, Facebook and Instagram accounts for Black Hat purposes. Got scammed before by marketplace sellers. Im asking nicely from ppl who bought from trusted sellers. Sorry to see scammers still selling here. Anyway... Who do you recommend?
  8. Renfield-Files

    Google indexing my money sites faster than EVER

    Couple of Politic and Porn/Escorts sites of mine getting indexed (posts and ads) few minutes after posting. Both carrying strong Twitter accounts with more than 50k followers. Social Media accounts are Black Hat SEO head to toe. Some cloaking and Black Hat 101. No warnings, no strikes up till...
  9. Renfield-Files

    Hotel chain trying to sue me because of Escort Services

    Ive always linked escort services to local SEO, specially hotels. Most of my sites have local SEO ads on fake addresses right next to hotel chainis. One of this HC are trying to sue me If I don't remove content of mine using their names and addresses. Over 68% of my foreign traffic/clients...
  10. Renfield-Files

    Pure Black Hat Still WINS!

    90 days. 5 blogs running on Google rules. 4 running on good old BH 101. Thats to stay... Pure BH won by a long distance. From parasite pages to cloaking and fake traffic. Different niches... The question is: who's affraid of Virginia Wolff? Im surprised on how 2013-14 techniques still apply...
  11. Forklift King

    Hello Black Hat Family... Philadelphia..!!!

    Hello Black Hat Family... Philadelphia..!!!
  12. Renfield-Files

    Do you guys trust Neil Patel?

    Since 2017 Im doing exactly the opposite what he's teaching or saying. At the same time, on two of my sites, Im doing 101% what he tells to do. Guess what? Im doing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better betting against Patel's know-how. You can argue that my main niche (adult content) may look like a...
  13. Renfield-Files

    Rank Higher! Google Indexing You FASTER for adult niche.

    2018? Bad Year for my SEO. I'm all about adult niche and gambling niche. How I'm making my 2019 better? Back to an old old trick: making use of YouTube Channels for link building and visitings. Some people say visitings are not one of Googles pinnacles for ranking but yes, it is. I have 30-45...
  14. Explicithuman

    Any Tips about Tour niche base Black Hat SEO?

    Hi, I just wanna Help who is good at Blackhat SEO. I have a travel and tour website and I want to rank it in one keyword within 10 days. anyone here could help me I'll give em handsome money for this.
  15. Dyingpretty420

    Finally a member of BHW

    Longtime lurker turned new member. I'm from orange county California and I'm so excited I finally made the first step and to became a member here. So much to learn and excited for this new adventure in my life. Im all in right now and taking a chance and not just hoping for the best but DOING my...
  16. imaven

    8 months later, I ranked my first site on the bottom of page 1. Can you help me get it to the top?

    So I've been doing SEO for about the last 8 months. I went through a ton of different courses and "gurus" before I finally found BHW. I can't believe how much amazing content is on here for free (wish I would've just started here). Anyway, I ranked my ecom store (not dropshipping from...
  17. B

    Youtube new accounts?

    Whats up BHW?! Not really new to the IM world but new to BH tactics. I have a legit youtube channel that I don't want to get banned. I have a plan that involves buying youtube accounts and posting videos on all of them through a software but not sure how to go about that without my main...
  18. N

    is there any source to learn full black hat seo free or paid ?

    is there any source to learn full black hat seo free or paid ?
  19. D

    Hi Im a Noob and i came here for advise

    Hi Black Hat World I would like to talk to you guys about different things, and basically what I'm looking for, is just for an advise. So i have been starting to work as an affiliate... off course i was expecting you know to quite my current job and dedicate my self to this, i was hoping to...
  20. B

    Noob desperately needs direction!!!

    I have been searching for for weeks to figure out how to get views on my youtube videos. After exhausting :confused:months of using white hat methods, and finding the top players have suspicious traffic searches and embeds... I'd like to know what they know. Is there anywhere that just...
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