Aug 30, 2020
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Managing and running adult sites and advertorials since forever, it's quite weird how Google don't give a shit about cloning or poor old black hat techniques. Ok for me right? Not at all. Competitors are just cloning my sites and they are doing great or even better than me. They're not even spinning content... they are cloning full pages, full sessions and just adding the city/place name before some URL like dubai-971escorts blah blah or... milan-xtranny blah blah blah

I know, Im pretty much aware that ppl don't wanna spend 15 minutes reading anything. Two paragraphs, 10 pics and 5 videos will do the dirt job. The culture of 280 caracs and tik-toks came in and won! Google now highlights results and you don't need to scroll up or down to go deep for further information.

There aren't any!

Im okay churning and burning adult sites and advertorials but what about blogs/sites dedicated to 'serious' topics? Eight months working my GTA 6 and my Elections 2020 blogs and Im pretty sure Ill be downhill on my $$$ soon. Yep Im pretty mad but am I the only one? Lifespan of sites are like 6 months and you're out. Start over...

Less time visitors = less $$$.
This why I left SEO

Its not a game of algorithm for better results.. its just a way to convert webmasters to their ad words.

Obviously they want their SE to be as useful as possible for the users, otherwise the increasing competency will decrease their market share.

I remember back in 2011, visiting Baidu headquarters I saw most of the special featured content blocks functionality Google has been introducing in the past 4 years, in fact they were aware that Google was planning to copy them. But marketers are just bare sailors that navigate in the most prominent boat. The day that Bing, Apple Search or whatever other engine get the 50+1% market share, my crew will jump away from Google in a glympse.

Content is not the king obviously anymore, and it has been thoroughly tested, that through Chrome, Google has the most powerful Alexa Toolbar ever made without the knowledge of millions of users, able to measure tons of metrics from each single site in the world.
I don't care about unique content anymore. I made a bot which gets image urls from reddit and posts pics on my porn wp blog. I don't even lose bandwith because images are hotlinked from reddit. I change titles for long tail keywords and create 1000 posts per day. I hope to get big organic traffic from google in next months. Even if one post will be searched in google 1 time per month, when i have 30k posts i will get 30k organic traffic/month
its just a way to convert webmasters to their ad words.

Well with all the free help they get from dumb SEO's this was an easy task.

It's amazing how SEO's find a link they can use, they run to the nearest board to self-report it.

Also nofollow links and disavowing are basically snitching methods that all SEO's blindly adopted.

Then they killed their own profession.

SEO is bad for search engines. They sell ads, they don't want SEO to work.
That's the The Greatest Lie Ever Told in SEO
I'm going to check this out, thanks!

Spam index is king of kings , but people are to novice to understand the real power of it.
Hey man, can you elaborate more on this? I'm curious to know more.
Google no longer bothers about what anyone thinks about them. Money is getting to their heads and they are slowly corrupting all their systems. It was the same behavior that was shown by every company before they go extinct. If another search engine (other than Google & Bing) gains 33% market share, then Google gets the damage beyond recovery.
Ive known this since last year i think after a update, google started ranking pages with the same content. So i got one of my high ranking sites, cloned posts from a competitor who wansnt ranking as well, and all my pages ranked higher then the competitor without anything special doing.

So if you want rank well, find a site like yours, make sure the site doesnt rank well, copy their posts and you should do fine.
This is so true. Got into a niche and I realised that most of my competitors have the same content. Exactly the same thing, same file hosts, download links. Sometimes I wonder if they’re owned by one person. But nah. I’ve moved on to a less populated niche and started doing things manually. Takes a lot of time but it’s worth it. Hopefully I can get some affiliate thing going on after a few months. I just need a steady source of traffic atm, so I’m gonna try posting to social media.
If you have found how to rank, why not use that method instead of complaining? If competitors are doing grate you should do the same thing. Its like in daytrading - don't try to pretend to be smarter than the market. Set your strategy and go with the flow. When the stop-loss or exit signal comes, leave.
Content has never been king for google. Content is king applies to the user only; for the user good content always beats everything else.

But for Google, ranking indicators are king and if you can manipulate those you’ll always come up above those who can’t. Regardless of content quality.
I won't say "content is king" is totally dead because some well written articles on some specific topics can earn free natural backlinks in the long run which helps to build authority.

But yeah, you can sometimes write an amazing piece of content and get no visitor sometimes.
I noticed a vey high authorithy website copied my page which was indexed for years. And that authority page went straight to 2nd page on a very competitive keyword just by using my content.
I also did tests with a few paid articles and some articles made with translation sofware. The translated articles did better than paid articles although a few were doing nothing though.
I sometimes wonder if doing some kind of spam indexing is not the best way to do those days. Doing pure black hat on expired domains till they die.
I haven't seen any improvement in google quality ranking in the recent years either. On the other hand, automatic writings have improved a lot and they often can rank on Google.
Agree with you lol.

Just look at 1st page SERP, it filled with crap.

Redirect Link, GSA Links, PBN's all works like a charm now. So take this momentum and BANK!!
Content has never been king for google. Content is king applies to the user only; for the user good content always beats everything else.

But for Google, ranking indicators are king and if you can manipulate those you’ll always come up above those who can’t. Regardless of content quality.
My thoughts exactly.
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