adult seo

  1. savobaby

    ▶️ ▶️ HQ Adult SEO Writing for Porn-Related Sites ▶️ ▶️ From 2.8 Cents per Word ▶️ ▶️ Native English Writer Based in Australia ▶️ ▶️

    BHW, what's up? As part of the reason I started this, I've never seen anyone on BHW offer writing specifically for the adult market. I have been working on and earning money from adult niche sites and other forms of adult-related content since joining this website in 2011, whether it be writing...
  2. digilov69

    How long does it take to rank your content?

    I'm all about adult niches so competition is like hell or payday loans. Anyway, for the first time I had my sites being indexed (every new content... ads, posts, videos) under 30 minutes. Not sure if this is the honeypot but I'm voicing every content and uploading to YT. I take the content, make...
  3. digilov69

    I'm buying escort sites in UK

    I'm running escort sites and escorts directories worldwide since 2012 but UK. Had some shots but I got scammed twice by some Manchester shitheads. I'm giving another try for 2021 and if you have some good/decent sites I'm buying. UK only! PM so we can discuss $$$.
  4. digilov69

    Pornhub is Dead! Good for us!

    Last three days my tube sites are struggling to manage a decent speed and stability. Why? Major porn tubes are dying. Amateur content, the kind of thing that porn connoisseur want to, just vanished from hamster and hub. Yesterday for the very first time, I had 100k visitors. The numbers keep...
  5. S

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone, I do adult SEO. Nice to meet everyone in this group.
  6. God of Porn

    [Journey] Creating adult sites in every major niche and outranking big sites

    Hello, Welcome to my journey, I hope you are having an amazing day. Introduction: I have been in adult industry since 2014, I have created some amazing sites but never ranked them high or worked on them more than 1 month because of my laziness. I wanna change so I decided to write down my goals...
  7. jesuisdamnaT1

    Content isn't KING for Google anymore

    Managing and running adult sites and advertorials since forever, it's quite weird how Google don't give a shit about cloning or poor old black hat techniques. Ok for me right? Not at all. Competitors are just cloning my sites and they are doing great or even better than me. They're not even...
  8. KingMatt

    Looking to buy high quality guest posts with backlinks to adult site

    I need good guest posts on high quality websites with some trust flow containing backlinks to my adult site. Budget $1000/month , I am prepared to pay good prices if the links are strong enough
  9. jesuisdamnaT1

    Adult Niche: from #1 to #23 without previous notice/warning

    From #1 for 2 months to the #23 spot in just 5 weeks. Set up seven escort sites using old black hat techs trying to blur my actions using elementor. It was fine and VERY profitable for almost 3 months. Cloned domains/layouts (p*** turned into findp*** and so on), a lot...
  10. Shevrar

    [Journey] Growing an adult tube website - started on april 2020

    Hello everyone! After trying several IM methods and getting some churn n burn money I have finally decided to jump into something serious and give everything on this project! This is going to be a detailed thread, Hope it won't annoy you. What am I starting with? - I am working with a...
  11. atomicpete

    Adult SEO in 2020 and beyond...

    Hi all, This one is for the adult webmasters among us: What strategies and/or tactics would you use today and tomorrow for your adult websites? Of course, I'm not expecting you to give away all your secrets, but I'm hoping to get some discussing here. I know: high-quality, unique and engaging...
  12. TheBeginner

    [Adult Tube] How to properly make tags, categories etc... i'm lost

    Hello everyone, I started my tube site one month ago now. I already have traffic thanks to my social media accounts but nothing from keyword research. As I want to do things perfectly, i struggle doing a choice about how to properly write categories tags etc.. I have multiple questions : -...
  13. M

    WPS Player not working

    Hey, does WPS player by wp-script stopped working for YouPorn? I have WPS player and it does not transform the YouPorn videos. It shows in the dashboard that it is transforming but actually it does not work. Anyone else also facing the same problem? I contacted the support but they did not...
  14. wirestyle

    Making Money With Adult Tubes in 2020..

    Hey I've been running a tight ship adult niche tube for 6 months now..the journey has been really slow and long. now I'm getting around 1k organic traffic a day which is growing massively each day. Bounce rate is sitting nicely at 35-38% and sess duration just under 5 minutes with each...
  15. M

    Wrong meta description showing on google

    Hello, I am creating an adult tube website using a wp-script theme. Google is showing the wrong meta description in the search results. I am using Yoast SEO to change the meta description of my pages. Here is a screenshot of google showing the wrong meta description ibb(dot)co/LQCkjbQ...
  16. Assemble

    Looking For Adult Backlinks

    Dear Blackhatworld, I am setting up a new Adult Tube site and I am looking for Adult Backlinks. Kind Regards, Assemble.
  17. Renfield-Files

    Adult WP themes! Im buying.

    Usually I tweak thing or two from my previous themes and Im good to go. But Im pretty busy with SEO after G latest updates. Anyway, if you have escort themes Im buying. Please PM with your offer and if possible a link to the theme.
  18. Renfield-Files

    Do you still use Scrapebox for link building?

    I do. But it's only working fine and tuned for adult sites like escort sites, cam sites, tube sites and porn blogs. For other niches Im having ZERO + ZERO. Am I missing something? My proxies are great and Im well versed on Scrapebox (no footprints AT ALL), but what's going on? I have two...
  19. Renfield-Files

    Get rid of PBN for Escort Adult Sites

    After 5 months of hell... Losing money, I got rid of all my PBN links et sites. Every site now is hosted locally. Let me explain: UK site hosted in UK. USA site hosted in US and so on. No more PBN, Full efforts on social media. No more link building. Full throttle for ALT tags and local SEO...
  20. Renfield-Files

    New Business Model For Escort Sites

    People tend to ask me why Im giving away successful methods. First: everything I know about SEO and IM I owe to BHW members. Second: by sharing my methods, a lot of people come with new ideas and turns out I upgrade my original idea thanks to you. But I digress... Im having a lot of success...