1. V

    Want to buy Good Ad account with good spending limit

    Hi I Run good white hat ecommerce ads, want to buy good and genuine ad account + this is a long term requirement. looking for a genuine guy for business.
  2. dRuIm

    Recent Facebook updates

    Hi Guys, Facebook did a lot of security updates and changes lately. I this thinking about if people could mention them, so we can try to get around them. They changed all ads on 12 accounts from "Approved" running good, to "Not Approved" the accounts was from different countries, with...
  3. msadax

    Facebook ban after creating new account

    Hi, recently i tried to make some facebook acocunts, but every is banned when trying to add someone to friendslist. I have tried make them by my mobile device data and wifi, both down. Why is that happening? Should i buy some proxies and use rooted android emulator with device id changer or...
  4. S

    Facebook ads question (how not to get banned)

    I wanted to try using FB ads for a test to see what's up, but failed as can't pay with PayPal since the payment processing page doesn't load up (lol). I use proxy, it's fine everywhere else. Does anybody else had this problem? Also, here are 3 questions that bother me: 1) My account phone...
  5. Crusage

    How to find out why someone got banned?

    Sometimes i see a good post that seems legit. But then i see that the user is banned, and i wonder: "was it because of this post?" And i could just check the banned person's latest post, which most likely was why he/she got banned. But when i click on their name, then on view profile. It tells...
  6. D

    Increased Banrates

    Hello, I have been marketing on Instagram for a while now, but I have noticed that when I add links to my accounts they almost instantly get banned these days. Pretty frustrating when trying to set up a new site. I use my own domains and aged PVA accounts. Has anybody noticed the same? What...
  7. E

    Follow Liker Repercussions !!! Likes are throttled even though Follows boom! ( ._.)

    It can't just be me, but i gained a good bit of followers from FL, but it seems that my likes have went down. I read through a few other post and saw that other people were facing the same problem. I did another test and used my personal account, I saw that the same thing happened. Any idea on...
  8. B

    Can Youtube ban your site from embedding videos?

    Like the title says, I'm wondering just that Is not necessarily videos that I uploaded to YT, simple that I'm embedding on my site Can YT just keep videos from being embedded on my site? I'm not talking about the "author made this video viewable only on youtube" error but any video giving an...
  9. wiso4151

    How fast does Youtube ban Spam Accounts ?

    Hey, I wonder myself how fast youtube bans Spam Accounts. Lets say a Double Phone Verified Youtube Account post 10 times a day the same comment.How fast will youtube ban this account ? Thx
  10. l33t_soup

    TWP EPN Script

    Had a quick scan but I can't find anything straight off... I have looked at TWP EPN script as an alternative to phpbay and BANS. I was wondering what anyone's thoughts are. Its free, and looks like you can drop it in anywhere on a page tbh. Any thoughts, comments, insults, advice...
  11. L

    BANS and EPN Agreement

    I understand that I can't place an affiliate link to a specific ebay auction on another website, as it's against the EPN Agreement. My question is, is it acceptable to place a link that is cloaked by my BANS script on another website. (ie.
  12. Bill Gates

    BANS Ebay Changes and Comments

    This guys speaks about BANS and some other techniques that are interesting He is also very, very be warned as he does not give a f**k (but he's a no holds barred guy better than bullshiters!). Here we go
  13. tattoo

    BANS 'your title goes here' -- how to get rid of it??

    trying to build my first BANS site. i can't figure out for the life of me how to get rid of 'your title goes here' is this is a bug or is there really some hidden place to change this?
  14. E

    Cookie Stuffin a BANS site?

    Has anyone done this? I'm not sure if the cookie a BANS site places is for only that particular item that the person clicks on or what. Is is possible to stuff a cookie for any user that comes to a BANS site? Any thoughts or ideas?
  15. D

    Ebay Leaving Commission Junction...What Now?

    I'm sure a few of you got this email today... "We are excited to announce eBay?s new global affiliate platform: the eBay Partner Network. The new platform will go live on April 1st, 2008 PST, at which point eBay will no longer be running its affiliate program through Commission Junction...
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