BANS and EPN Agreement

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    Sep 29, 2008
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    I understand that I can't place an affiliate link to a specific ebay auction on another website, as it's against the EPN Agreement.

    My question is, is it acceptable to place a link that is cloaked by my BANS script on another website. (ie. These links redirect to a specific auction and does not stop on a page on my domain. To me, it seems acceptable to "advertise" links to my domain by placing them on other domains. I am probably wrong here, but can someone help me understand so I don't make a big mistake?
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    I only know what I've read on the [email protected] forums but I think this would be against TOS. I'm under the impression that they actually have to click a link on your site to get to [email protected]

    That being said, if the referrer winds up being an actual static page on your own site, they would have to discover your original link to catch you.
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