bad backlinks

  1. B

    Just got off the job I was doing

    Am bugadi from Nigeria, I heard about this incredible platform so I decided to take part. Making money is lovely but making money while you’re sitted at home is the most outstanding and prolific way to make life more suitable and easy for you. I want to use this medium to magnify my daily...
  2. krajacic

    [SEO Advice Needed] Would you disavow such domains and urls?

    Hey guys, Question for SEO experts, I'm working on disavowing bad backlinks. I've filter NEW backlinks in the last 90 days and sort them by links in aHrefs and I'm seeing a lot of domains and links like those:
  3. krajacic

    Best way to detect bad/spammy links to disavow?

    Hey family, How can I detect mostly automated (too many backlinks) bad/toxic/spammy links it would be good to disavow? Read several articles from MOZ and similar websites and watches several youtube videos on what should be disavowed and what not but not many people are actually giving a good...
  4. varun barve

    Anyone getting baclinks from these domains?

    I have been seeing these backlinks on my 2 domains in recent days and they all are increasing like crazy every day. The page title is - Alexa top domain list || page 771 And the links look like this There are lots of...
  5. J

    I bought an expired domain without knowing what I was going to find. Any help?

    I'll give you guys a situation. And I hope to read your thoughts, cause I'm new at SEO and I'm quite lost. Yesterday I bought a domain to start a new project. Then, I put my new domain in backlinkshitter. I did it just for curiosity, but the thing is that the domain had been active until June...
  6. aminrahat420


    need more idea about backlinks
  7. RandomX

    [HELP] Spammers stole my 2 years of hard work

    Spammers stole my 2 years of hard work by building bad links from porn sites, which i am not aware of. when i checked in the morning most of my top ranking keywords (head terms) in the first page went to 6th page and also dropped my DA. when i checked in a SEMRUSH tool, my site was linked to...
  8. Shahzad Ahmad

    Hi i am confusion in Backlinking .Plz help me

    If i share my website url in article than it is good technique or Bad ? If it is bad than what will be nagtive effect ? Thanks for Answer .
  9. Z

    Should I remove - or Google ignores spam backlinks?

    I have an e-commerce website with many poor backlinks (200-300) from 1-2 years old blogs (all with duplicate content and no traffic). My ranking positions are really bad. I wrote many good quality contents, do the onsite things the right way, and build more (better) backlinks but my ranking...
  10. awaiskhokhar

    How to find bad backlinks

    Blackhatworld Experts, I have only one website on APK niche. Due to lack of knowledge about SEO and backlinks i will make tons of backlinks. In start, it really helps me and my keyword rank in first page. But after some days my all keywords gone not even on 5th page. And my friend told me that...
  11. P

    need help with remove bad backlink

    idk that this is the r8 place to post or not ,if not then i will ask moderator to move it to the r8 place, actually i need help on how can i remove bulk back-link ,some of our competitor do it under our fiverr gig,YT video and website to planty us how can i remove that form my video ?
  12. hunter_killer

    [ HELP ] How do I remove bad backlinks?

    Hi there, Within Google console, I am seeing a few 404 backlinks they don't exist on destination site. Whats the best way you would suggest to keep an eye on them and remove them?
  13. blackhatgorilla

    Front-Page De-Indexed? Need Help . .

    Got some issue with my Shop & I'm not sure what happend or what to do? Short explained: Front-Page (Site A) - had a serp ranking between 8 - 12 for the last 6 months One of the Products, wasn't in the searchresults with the keywords of Site A, but had similiar Long-Term-Keywords Now, the...
  14. Veronique89

    What to do against negative SEO?

    Morning to all :)! Since a few weeks I am getting bad backlinks in my link profile. Probably a competitor. Some examples: Most of the domains are .info and 404. After noticed I immediately disavow those links. How much will this affect my rankings...
  15. Sanjar

    Backlink analysis tool?

    Is there any backlink analysis tool with the following features: I can add my own list of backlinks and the tool 1- determine the bad links from good ones for a moneysite, for example: can find the comment links or any other type of links that are not necessary for a moneysite. 2- can determine...
  16. J

    advice on using disavow tool to remove spamy blogspot comment backlinks

    Hi everyone . As I am new to SEO and I recently started working in SEO field. I am looking for advice on using disavow tool correctly. In google webmaster of my project website I found total 3157 backlinks , out of that 1186 is from and are made by commenting and creating web2.0...
  17. spaloniega

    need: link building for money - get rid of forum posts in first few google search results

    as i said here. i need someone to help with the link building in terms of SEO. Positive content is being put online but to make some small forum posts achieve a lower rank on google search results. someone who can offer me to put their link into their portfolio of bad links? so: negative seo...
  18. Lunatic Call

    Locating bad backlinks to your website. Question about metrics

    Greetings! Was doing a task for a client which included checking his backlinks on his domain (Ukraine). Of course most of the links were crappy, but after checking over 100 news related websites and their metrics - question appeared: Do you treat news websites and their metrics - TF,CF...
  19. Vlad D

    How can I harm a website SEO / protect from harming SEO

    How can I harm a website rankings in google ? does bad backlinks help ? from where to buy ? how can I protect my website from bad backlinks ?
  20. 4lcapwned

    Automatically remove or list toxic backlinks

    Hi guys, I have a website with over 80000 backlinks, and i guess a whole lot of them are toxic. Is there a software that can automatically find and disavow toxic backlinks for my website? And if there is nothing that can disavow them, is there at least something that can highlight the toxic...