advice on using disavow tool to remove spamy blogspot comment backlinks

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    Sep 22, 2016
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    Hi everyone .

    As I am new to SEO and I recently started working in SEO field. I am looking for advice on using disavow tool correctly.

    In google webmaster of my project website I found total 3157 backlinks , out of that 1186 is from and are made by commenting and creating web2.0 blogs. After checking manually I found most of the commenting used exact match keyword and repeating the same pattern in nearly every comment.But the comment made on blogspot belong to same niche (health and wellness).

    After reading article and post on bad backlink and anchor text ratio from ahrefs,nietpatel and gotchseo and many more top blogs, this linkbuilding technique is some what leads to negative seo , which has been done on website and in result keyword ranking has not been improved from nearly 5-6 month . But as far as no manual penality has been showing in webmaster.

    I wanna ask should I use disavow link tool for all the links from blogspot i am getting from commenting and web2.0 blogs with same exact matched anchor text or should i try for one keyword and see the effect on ranking and then go for others.

    I really need advice on this bad backlinking problem. Please share your views and suggestion on this topic and how you mostly managed these types of negative seo which has been done by other so called seo agencies on your current projects.

    Thanks in advance