1. Troubleshoot Crisis Control  Website Speed Optimization, Server deployment,  Backup, Translation and Payment Gateway setup

    Troubleshoot Crisis Control Website Speed Optimization, Server deployment, Backup, Translation and Payment Gateway setup

    Troubleshoot Crisis Control Website Speed Optimization, Server deployment, Backup, Translation and Payment Gateway setup
  2. speed_optimize.jpg


    Troubleshoot Crisis Control Website Speed Optimization, Server deployment, Backup, Translation and Payment Gateway setup
  3. xReminisce

    Website Backups - Do you do them?

    Website Backups are one of the most important things any webmaster would do. However, there are quite often times, I have stumbled upon users who simply don't have any backup copy of their website... Not naming shaming anyone (@MrDenz looking at you buddy!) Actually, to be honest, after my...
  4. Chielou June

    {HELP NEEDED} How to restore a WP site

    I was using namecheap's Easy Wp for hosting my blog. Now I want to move the entire site towards another hosting. I dont have access to Easy Wp now but the support team gave me a back file. Question is - how can i restore these datas to my new hosting ? Appreciate the help.
  5. Nw_Work

    Wordpress ecommerce website

    Anyone generous enough to share a completed ecommerce website backup file wpress format or a shell backup file you created to save time doing the same process over and over again using woocommerce? Best Regards, NW
  6. JamesBondBro

    Hi friends!

    I'm Bond. James Bond. :cool::cool: I'm professional programmer with 12years experiense and Web-development skills. I gonna be useful for you in themes: PHP, design, Cryptography, Linux, Hostings, Mysql (mariadb), SQL, WordPress, Social Marketing methods, Creating e-commerce sites etc. I'm...
  7. R

    Emergency - Accidentally Delete Digital Ocean Drop late. Can I Recover It?

    Hello BHW members. I am using the digital ocean web hosting service. But recently by my mistake, I Accidentally Delete the drop late. Now my site is down and I have no backup. Can I recover my drop late or website full data. I try Google cache but all posts are not there. So any other quickest...
  8. L

    How To Recover WordPress Websites Without a Backup?

    How To Recover WordPress Websites Without a Backup please help me i will make another website but i need the content of it
  9. W

    Manage 10+ sites

    Hi, I hope that I open this thread at the right place within the forum... :) I think many times that managing many sites takes a lot of effort. It is ok that you can simply upgrade wordpress or plugins remotely, but you can not be sure that the site is not broken after that. You might see that...
  10. onlinework

    How to download full backup of big website?

    I would like to know which is the right way to download full backup of my website. It is hosted at Hostwinds and it is almost 30GB. I made the backup but I would like to know how to download it in the right way (using FTP and moving the folders to my C/D or the direct download link provided from...
  11. inserte

    Hot to archive content without messing up SEO?

    So I have news site that has grown too big, 10gb of files, around 6 years old. How do I create an archive of old posts without messing up SEO? Is there any good method any of you people used for this? Should I just copy entire site into folder lets says: /2018/ and have the root version of site...
  12. KJREDDY247@

    Help: My website size is 431 mb ???

    Hi I recently installed backup buddy on my website and try to full back up on my local storage its showing 431 MB as my website storage, how can i reduce this size on my site, is it because i haven't deleted non used pages on my site from theme? but when i checked on it showing as...
  13. medosla97

    Can i use cloud hosting such Dropbox&Gdrive... as streaming backup ?

    Hello black hat world members, Like everybody know the most terrible that any streaming webmaster may affront it's the dead links... But my question is which cloud hosting provider can i use to stock my videos, and to recover them once they got deleted on other streaming platforms such...
  14. ShiningWarrior

    LiveDrive and I'm confused!

    Hey, was looking at online backup for backing up work and I saw Livedrive offering unlimited storage and then 2000 gb on the higher plan? A bit confused at this: Unlimited GB means any "number" GB? like 5000 GB or 6000 GB? lol Google Drive and DropBox give 1 TB @ $9.99 and these guys are...
  15. AngoraSpace

    Remove Language To Reduce My Backup Size?

    I downloaded backup file (tar.gz) with file size about 80 mb. After I extract the file, I noticed that language is the most biggest part in my backup file. Almost 40 mb. I only need English and Indonesian for my website How if I remove another language file to reduce my backup size...
  16. ShiningWarrior

    Any way to keep "ALL" contents backup?

    Hey all, hope you all are having an awesome day :D Now, I want to keep daily works as backup into the cloud and that includes my business and personal things on daily basis. But I want a good trustable cloud service who won't look into my personal as well as business files because face it no...
  17. dboyduck

    Lessons not to delete your site.

    Yesterday I was setting up a subdomain. As I was playing around in the file manager of my domain folders. I decided to delete the WordPress folder from the subdomain that I just installed 5 mins before.. anyways. I select the subdomain folder, select all, delete, click no trash.... paw...
  18. C

    What Capacity of Tubular Battery Backup do I need?

    Hi, I have these things running on, and I would like to have it running it for 2 to 3 hours in power backup. 23" Dell LED IPS Monitor 12V (3.33A) Mele Mini PC 12V (1A) Huawei Wifi Router 12V (2.0A) HP Laptop 630 18.5V (3.5A) Could someone please tell me what is the battery (ah) capacity...
  19. RedaSaiko

    Backup for pirated material

    Hello, I am actually searching for an unlimited online storage, secure and private. I want to use it for backup and access to my files from anywhere, and I DON'T want to share anything. After a lot of reserach, I find that Amazon Drive gives unlimited storage for around 70$/year, very nice...
  20. E

    Got a new hosting, Couldn't backup my site..Help please!

    I have been having issue with my previous hosting and needed to move to a new hosting. I quickly changed my domain name server to the new hosting server. I totally forgot to backup my site. Now my domain is just new as a new domain name. Nothing on it anymore. And I have over 20 articles therein...
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