backlink analysis

  1. dhrpatel

    How to find good forums for Backlink Creation & How to create naked anchor backlink?

    I have created 1 guest post link for my new website, now I want to create forum links, please help me. How do I find the Best Relevant Forum? what is the best place to create naked anchor backlinks? Can I create comment backlinks or not? and how many profile backlinks should I create?
  2. N

    Need Help regarding domain selection

    Hi, I had a website which I have started in 2017 and have it for 1 years and published around 50 articles it was a review domain where we published reviews. I want to start a review website again and should I go for that domain or buy another one will it provide any link juice or like it's an...
  3. G03

    Different AHREFS stats on the same site?????

    Hi I have a VA checking links in ahrefs. I noticed when my VA does a search and when I search the same site in ahrefs stats are different. Can anyone explain this? Example:
  4. Kumar Sudesh

    Get Banklink Report For Your Website

    Hi Guys, I will create a report on backlink for your websites. It would contain broken, new and lost link. This report would be pulled from ahrefs account. Interested BHW user can send their websites details either through pm or post it here. You should have atleast 50 posts and account...
  5. R

    Is organic traffic number by ahrefs is correct?

    Hello, I'm looking for backlinks and some of websites pages, with a high DA have no traffic according to ahrefs. I want to know should I count on these numbers by ahrefs? because many of my competitors got backlinks from these sites and ahrefs are saying they have no traffic. I'll be appreciated...
  6. seocrab

    Free backlink/keyword data for 80 days with all these free trials

    For beginners who want to research kws and competitors on a $0 budget, here's a list of all the free trials you can get from the major backlink/keyword data providers. If you add them all together, you can get free data for 80 days. Note: you will need a valid credit card for most of these...
  7. lumiux

    Getting spammy links from some domains. Whats should i do?

    Recently while checking my site on Ahrefs, I found a lot of links from single domains pointing to my website with partial match anchor text and exact match anchor text. Like Spammy site one - page-1----1000 links(to different pages of my site) Spammy site two - page-1----600 links(to different...
  8. RealDaddy

    [Method] Get a DA 85 backlink from BitBucket

    Hello BHW, I will show you how to get a DA 85 backlink from bitbucket. Go here - Fill up your email address. Enter your name and email address, and click "Agree and Sign up" Confirm your email address. After confirming your email address...
  9. RealDaddy

    [Method] Get a DA 92 Backlink from DevianArt

    Hello BHW, I will show you "How to get a DA 92 backlink from devianart?" Go here - . Fill up all the information and then click "BECOME A DEVIANT" After that, you will see this page. Click on all the options except "OTHER" Then click "START MY CREATIVE...
  10. Raman Sharma

    What Daily Off Page Activities I have to do for Better Ranking?

    Hi, anyone can help me to know about daily basis off page activities for better ranking. I am confused about what type of off page activities I have to do on my website and how many per day.
  11. Harnur

    Which is better? Niche related PBN or Any PBN with high (TF/CF)?

    i am looking for an expired domain name but can't find a domain name in my niche that has high CF/TF. But was able to find a domain name which wasn't in my niche but had high CF/TF and satisfied other factors(, site presence etc.)? Which type of expired domain should i look to buy?
  12. RealDaddy

    [Get] Free Backlinks Report of your Competitor from Ahrefs

    Hello BHW, I am giving away 25 members free backlinks report generated with Ahrefs. For Jr. VIP it is 5 domains or urls.. For other members, it is 1 domain or url. Just post it here.
  13. Harnur

    Need Help With Backlinks

    My website is new and i am looking to buy some backlinks in order to rank my website, but since i am new to this...i don't know where to start, 1. Which type of backlinks shud i buy? 2. From where shud i buy them? 3. Shud i buy 100-200 altogether(in 1 day), or shud there be a days-gap...
  14. B

    is backlinks pass linkjuice made on Category Pages?

    Currently, I am using wordpress platform and I have set category pages as noindex in yoast. so now if i add backlinks to category pages then it give any value or rank to my domain or i have to made only backlink into blog post? looking forward to hearing from experts. Have a great day to all...
  15. L

    What is the way for Competitor Research?

    What if I want to check that what my competitor did in his initial days? Like he is in business for 6 years and I have started my website just now. so, what should I do to know his strategies for his initial days?
  16. Veronique89

    40% backlinks of profile coming from article directories - bad for ranking?

    Good evening, apologies for asking some much questions lately. Just trying to understand more about IM. If 40% of my backlinks are contextual backlinks coming from article directories then will that hurt my ranking? And if you get more backlinks to your inner pages then to your maindomainlink...
  17. Jacob Smiths

    How Do I Delete unwanted backlink from my blog.

    How Do I Delete unwanted backlink from my blog. I want to delete a backlink pointing to my blog. This one website giving 8.3million backlink to my blog Is there any way I can get rid of those backlink.
  18. mastertanvir

    Making backlinks of movie site

    Hello, I have created a movie site using wordpress. I am analyzing google.Targeted a popular keyword and checked that a website is number one position. I did some research on about the site Now I found that they have almost 9k backlinks. They bought it. Here is a screenshot of...
  19. megaMind007

    Ahrefs Vs Moz

    How can I figure out the DR and UR of Ahrefs and what are the difference between Moz PA and DA metrics. Which is better and Why it's better!
  20. Just_Passin_Through_373

    Hiding A websites Backlinks

    Hi BHW, I have been using the Moz free version of Open SIte explorer and noticed a competitor website has potentially begun blocking the spiders for Moz. Because I tried with a different tool and caught some new links. Perhaps Moz just has not scraped the other links yet? My questions are...