[Free] Blockchain/ Crypto Leads

    In this thread we will help marketers crawling blockchain project websites with emails, phones and more. Plus also B2C people into the Crypto space from many networks such as Twitter. Just easily type any keyword related to blockchain world and I will answer with a Spreadsheet like this...
  2. GringoMonkey

    [JV] Your B2C Email List, My Monetization

    Do you have a B2C email list that you feel could be better monetized? If so then perhaps I can help you? I prefer USA B2C lists. Split 50/50 on the profits my efforts bring. If this interests you please pm me with the details of your list and I will see if I can help you make more money with it.
  3. E

    Email Marketing, Need your Advice

    Hey I am running a small business through email marketing. I am doing cold emailing B2C and there is demand for what I am selling. I shoot some emails and I get people interested in what I am selling but then later when it is time to deliver they just dont respond. I try to follow up and they...
  4. Ioana G.

    New to BHW - Hi!

    Hey guys, I just found out about this place, a friend of mine suggested that I might be able to find more information about digital marketing, b2c and b2b. I have some 3-4 years of experience with social media marketing, but I feel as is if I need to up my game and try to open my own business. I...
  5. crystalwiz

    Making Conversions Off IG Leads [Wake-Up Marketing Guide]

    Converting IG Prospects into Buyers Doesn't Have to Be Hard I am taking the pleasure to share my thoughts on Instagram-Email Marketing. How difficult or easy it can be to convert into sales and close deals with people you don't really know, let alone had prior relationship with. Before you...

    Need suggestions with lead generation

    Hey Peeps of the great land of BHW. I have been trying various methods to generate sales for online pharmacy products. i tried bulk sms and cold calling but the results weren't upto the expectation. can you guys please show me the way what is the better way or tool to generate hot targeted leads.
  7. CrazyAnimal

    Marketing Automation Tool - Oracle Responsys

    Hi, Can anyone have an idea about the Oracle Responsys Marketing Automation tool? If so, please let me know I have a doubt in automation program flow for cross channel marketing (Email & Push campaigns)
  8. Celestial711

    B2C E-commerce Product Pages SEO

    I would like to know how an e-commerce website would SEO their individual product pages if the product names were in fact not keyword relevant and did not contain any search-worthy keyword. What would the best approach be if their product name was not a keyword or was not being searched by name...
  9. W

    Affiliate Wanted!! Up to 15% Commission Ratio!

    Hello, all guys. We are the affiliate program of wholesale-dress,net. Wholesale-dress,net is a b2b&b2c company, and it has been one of the largest b2b & B2c site in China. Now Our commission ratio is up to 15% ! So it's really a big time for all affiliates! Join us! Cause I can not show the...