1. S3CRET

    Skype AutoResponder Bot

    are still autoresponding bots working? wanted to try ewhoring on skype but bot is not autoresponding This bot might be outdated, im not sure. Do you know any working bot? EDIT...
  2. Sailorsky

    Email Deliverability: Money is in the List...but can you reach the list?

    Most of the money in IM comes from email marketing: and the money we all know is in the list. So i constantly check the deliverability and the goodness of my emails to my subscribers as im email marketer. I see the tool called glockapps which tests the email deliverability, do you know it and...
  3. P

    Setting Properties/Filters for The Bat email client

    Anyone familiar with using The Bat! email client? I am trying to make it so if I have autoresponded to a person the software will not mail them again. Sometimes it gets caught in a loop mailing itself and i end up with hundreds of junk emails! Any help will be rewarded if you are an email...
  4. H

    Autoresponder Tools for Wordpress Plugin

    Autoresponder Self-Hosted or Mailit Wordpress Plugin| Save up to 30% Discount! Updated Version Members Login Page
  5. Whateverest

    [JV] My Autoresponders (SMS) + Your Traffic

    I am looking for people who has/can: 1) Post on Facebook groups in scale 2) Do mass following/liking on any social network 3) Has big Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat accounts/pages in hot girls niche 4) Has any other traffic sources where they can't post URLs themself What is your part...
  6. Salgueiro

    AutoResponder for daily quotes

    Hello, newbie here.. How can i create a list of quotes to send daily from the autoresponder to a trusted list. I am on meditation and yoga groups and they like to recieve daily quotes and exercicies in the morning. I haven't seen that option on mailchimp, aweber and imnica. What i do know is...
  7. ChrisAdim12

    Email Marketing - Got Addresses Need Help (I Know You're Out There! ) :)

    Hi guys, Been running websites for the last 4 years or so and have done pretty well through traditional white hat SEO methods - never tried email marketing though. Recently been diving in and out of the mailing side of things and I've got a pretty awesome supplier of 'work at home' & 'work...
  8. A

    What's the best autoresponder?

    I've been in this business since 2012, i've used all methodes, and i got some big figures and sometimes just zeros ... I decided to stop playing random, and build my castle! So i setup some sites with wordpress, got some domain names for them ... I'm now confused what autoresponder i should use...
  9. mikku1988

    Dating CPA Campaign help.

    I have source of leads and I have some good reputed network accounts also. I am preparing for start work. But i need to help on Campaign setup (Autoresponder, 90%+ In-boxing SMTP and other tools). I have no problem to pay but i need perfect solution. I am not looking for JV. Just looking for...
  10. L

    autoresponders for skype, viber, whatsapp

  11. eaglesWTF

    [JV] My SMS autoresponder - your Traffic

    Joint venture PLAN : I have working SMS autoresponder. I can respond SMS to any worldwide phone numbers. I can add ANY wordwide number into a bot too (all countries are supported so if you want to target to specific country I can add specific country number into a bot) What I'm looking for...
  12. TheSlug

    TheSlugs Set & Place Method to Automate Income | Generate traffic for any niche!

    I spent the last few days putting together this .pdf guide that covers a method I have successfully used the past 3+ years. I was going to sell it, but decided to give it out for free. I already had a few guys read it and they told me it's straightforward and clear. Basically my method shows...
  13. TheSlug

    TheSlugs 'Naughty or Nice' Method | Generate Traffic for Any Niche | Free Video Tutorial

    I have created 2 video tutorial guides showing how I use some email autoresponder software (that you can download for free). I cover everything from setting up your campaign, picking your offer and the different ways you can generate leads. I have spent a lot of time putting these videos...
  14. TheSlug

    Email Traffic Video Tutorial | Apply to any niche! | Adult Traffic Example !!MUST WATCH!!

    Have you ever heard of people making thousands daily with emailing? Chances are you probably have, and guess why... Because it's fucking possible! I'm one of those people and life has never been better. I recently just taught one of my buddies with no computer skills how to use my exact...
  15. BusinessSmack

    Ask Any Mass Emailing Questions

    I have been email marketing for over 5 years now and always like making connections for possible JV's. If anyone needs help setting up their Mass Email Autoresponders. I have lots of experience with BHAR, TEAR, and Interspire. I mainly push dating offers but have expanded into other niches...
  16. BusinessSmack

    Super Effective Lead Conversion Tactic

    Hey guys, I've been a member here for quite sometime and always get great ideas. I wanted to share one of my new ideas with BHW to help out others too and maybe get some good feedback on how I might be able to improve my strategy. I use GetResponse for some website lead capture but then mainly...
  17. Johnnyroq

    Kik ar - building one, need someone with xp - will give access

    Hey guys, Myself and a couple of my developers from SF who create strong apps are going to build a few different KIK Autoresponder systems as well as some chat systems. Any KIK experts out there? If there are - add me on Skype - TheJRoq - we would like to team up with someone who has...
  18. T

    Autoresponder Developer Needed

    I need to develop a Desktop Based Email Autoresponder . I will give you link of an Autoresponder . i want each n every features of it . i will ask you to add some features later . The UI should be same initially But will have to change Later on after successfully completing all the functions...
  19. S

    Kik-Auto-Responder / Bot

    Hi guys! As you can see I'm new to BHW and I really enjoy it this far. Currently I am looking for a programmer for a kik auto-responder. It should be able to accept new contacts and send ONE STANDARD ANSWER to them. If you know who could help me out, I would appreciate it. Kind regards
  20. Carepolice

    [Free Method] No Cops Allowed - Complete Instructions $$$$

    In this method you'll learn how to drive large amounts of traffic by listing items "for sale" at incredible prices...with a catch. It's important to note that because all leads gained from this method are able to buy your product for sale, they have money to spend on the offer you're...
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