Kik ar - building one, need someone with xp - will give access

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    Hey guys,

    Myself and a couple of my developers from SF who create strong apps are going to build a few different KIK Autoresponder systems as well as some chat systems.

    Any KIK experts out there? If there are - add me on Skype - TheJRoq - we would like to team up with someone who has experience building a KIK Autoresponder, using one - or is familiar with sending KIK or similar traffic.

    If you can help us and have the knowledge, we will give you access to our software for as long as you would like as a thanks for the assistance.

    IF you have any other automation traffic needs, we can also build systems as long as you're willing to team up with us on it.

    I've heard horror stories about people starting KIK ar and never finishing, etc. I am hoping we can build a solid AR and if that's the case, I'm also willing to let aggressive users who HELP through any process of traffic have access to this.

    Basically, if you want to join a super strong team of developers and create your dream BH/WH/GH softwares, we are here to scale your methods to the moon.

    ALSO - Incase you didn't see before - ADD ME ON SKYPE for a new dope chat traffic program I have that's high converting and not very public at this point. So many of my affiliates are super stoked on the program, I want to start adding even more guys to the pile.

    Much love and $$$ to all!

    - J