1. sweetasian

    SMS AUTO RESPONDER TOOL- Innovate your marketing campaigns with this powerful customizable sms auto responder!

    SMS AUTO RESPONDER!Welcome to a high level of marketing innovation with our cutting-edge SMS Auto Responder! With an impressive open rate of nearly 100%, SMS marketing stands as one of the most impactful strategies today. Drawing from 15 years of specialized experience in SMS communication...
  2. sweetasian


    I am offering a free review copy of an advanced SMS auto-responder tool! Key Features of the SMS Auto-Responder: Unlimited Responses Within a Campaign: Offer limitless interactions per campaign, ensuring comprehensive communication with your audience. Custom Response Delays: Tailor the timing...
  3. thegodfather204

    kik bot

    Hey, I would need a kik bot with following features: Account Creation Proxy Support Captcha Solving Login with E-Mail and Password Autoresponder/Send text messages to users/groups and AI replies for incoming messages Search for groups and join them Member/Group Scraper (group finder + joiner...
  4. speedie

    Mass Email Solution ☄️ SEND 10,000,000+ EMAILS ☄️PER MONTH☄️ On PRE-WARMED SMTP ☄️ Add Unlimited Domains like a PRO ⚡⚡ Full EMAIL MARKET...

    Email Marketing Solutions | where you won't need to spend a penny on third-party hosting. No need to install any complicated app. Get access to your Sender dashboard or Panel with login credentials + SMTP details with ports 25, 465, 2525, and 587. Connect your domain(s), Import your email list...
  5. Cleanhustle

    Looking for someone to create an autoresponder

    Hello, I am looking for someone that can create an autoresponder for a spanish website, The project is simple add account/proxy and must respond to incoming messages and also shows how many will be sent and from which account. Thanks.
  6. Kamilion

    Cheapest Way to Send Email to 60K+ Emails?

    Hello again friends. I have collected 60K + single opt in emails via my website form since 2020. The emails are in make money niche, never sent a single email to them. It is on mailchimp, but it asks to upgrade in order to send email, and this costs $550/month. Is there any cheap providers or...
  7. Sandie2018

    What autoresponders charge per number of emails sent?

    Hi guys, Could someone suggest autoresponders that charge per number of emails sent and not per number of contacts? Also, the autoresponders should be okay with affiliate offers. Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp - all charge for the number of contacts and this is not what I need. Thanks for any...
  8. Y

    I CAN'T MONETIZE )): I'm picking up 3k (dating niche-focused) leads a day (non-buyer/buyers), but not sure how to monetize..

    So I'm an affiliate marketer and I run a ton of cold traffic ads from Taboola, FB, youtube to a Clickbank offer. I've been profiting quite well without collecting any leads and directly transferring them over to the Clickbank VSL. But now, I'm thinking I should start collecting leads before...
  9. C


    Please GUYS, i would need your advice for choosing a good autoresponder for my AFFILIATE MARKETING I have done some research so far, and the 3 below appeared to have made it to the top list Aweber Activecampaign Convertkit For validation purposes and better decision making, which one is the...
  10. C

    Best Autoresponder That is Affiliate Marketing Friendly!

    Greetings guys, I wanted to seek your recommendation for the affordable autoresponder service that is affiliate friendly. As per my research, I have found the ones below, they seem affordable but i don't know about the functionality: Trafficwave - Very reasonable price indeed but no single...
  11. T

    Im looking for a PHP Developer for Email Autoresponder (Web Based)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a PHP developer for a project, the project is an email autoresponder (Web Based) The email autoresponder will pop the leads from example in gmail and then the autoresponder will send an email (Reply 1) to that pop leads. Features: - Pop and IMAP - SMTP Rotation -...
  12. F

    JARVEE Auto Response does not work

    I wanted to auto-respond to new messages through Instagram DM. Jarvee recognizes new messages and sends them into the Pending List. But nothing happens afterward, Jarvee doesn't use the messages of the Pending List and doesn't reply. The new messages just keep appearing in the Pending List...
  13. coolsheet

    Email Marketing | Market Hero, is it the best? Anyone used it?

    I've been really wanting to dive into my email marketing a lot more. I was banned from Mail Chimp and forced to use Aweber. I hate it. Was wondering if anyone's had experience with Market hero. Looks like a pretty bad ass software. I definitely like the tracking features and the easy drag and...
  14. sweetasian

    Is blackhatautoresponder still working?

    In desperate need of a good autoresponder, does this one still work and is it still for sale?
  15. Pawlaka

    [NEED] Adult traffic to autoresponder.

    I have already configurated autoresponder on WhatsApp that sends to cam site. Where I can found horny people for it? I tried with Adult Friend Finder and related sites, but everything there is paid, so maybe you know some free alternatives? Just need a page where I can create a fake female...
  16. L

    Script to Key in Email one by one in subscription form

    most of the email service provider and autoresponder will reject your import list. while they allow manually insert one by one at back end. is there any script automatically insert email one by one at the back end or event insert into the subscription form at front end?
  17. Roger Marquez

    Autoresponder for CPA??

    As tittle says i would like recommendations on the most affordable autoresponder service out there that allows affiliate/CPA offers promotions? Im not looking to spam i want to grow an email list from scratch and from the start i would like it to integrate with Wordpress (elementor if possible)...
  18. Kaylaaa1

    Any Instagram AutoResponder?

    looking for auto reply to certain keywords sent like a bot from account on insta (direct messages only) if anyone can help
  19. S

    Can someone help me out?

    I have been having issues with signing up autoresponder rendering company. I dont know why but i have products on erectile dysfunction to sell, all my effort to open an account with anyone of them proved abortive. How do you people promote such product? Please help?
  20. I

    Facebook comment auto responder anyone?!

    With the recent ban of bots that FB did, for auto replying to pages ect.....does ANYONE KNOW ANY that still work WITH a Mac computer??
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