1. hacko

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  2. jeffro89

    Authority sites

    Hey homies, hope your all making dat money. I am looking for a decent up to date Authority site course. Ive did some searching but a lot of what ive found is a bit outdated. I wana start a long term project in a niche i know everything about. In the hope it can start generating money at some...
  3. subbseo

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    Here is the Service Details Of the Service:- Authority Link Building Version[2] "As a member of BHW, you can receive a 20% discount To Power Package, 30% Discount To Double Power Package And 40% Massive Discount to Mega Power Package. The Service is Worth Every penny. TRY it Guys And you...
  5. O

    Too much low hanging fruit~

    So i have a been doing keyword research for a few niches. I found one using google keyword planner and it has LOTS of low and medium competition keywords. I'm new to this so I have a few questions If im trying to become an authority on my niche and I see these low comp/med comp keywords that...
  6. qwertzui11

    How is it possible to reach this kind of authority?

    One of my competitor having a real shit site ranking #1 in a competitive niche for a huge amount of keywords.The site has 88 referring domain, and TF18, DA 25; just to be clear. It has no hidden PBNs, I checked with every tool, in every possible way. Plus the site is against any site building...
  7. olo555

    Im looking somebody to searching authority websites

    Hello, like in title im looking somebody to searching authority websites or someone who have the authority websites lists. Where i can put link with anchor.
  8. PerpetualKaizen

    Ranking against large authority sites, High DA, Low PA

    Hello!, I am relatively new to BHW. I've been doing some reading and some keyword research for an amazon affiliate website. However, any time I find a half decent product to market, there are always large authority websites like Amazon, Walmart, bedbathandbeyond, etc. that rank in the top 10...
  9. Rob Rouse Jr

    How to Start Building Backlinks for Affiliate Site

    Hey y'all, I've got a site. Still writing a lot for it right now, but I'm wondering... what are the BEST places to get backlinks? Should I buy them? If so, where? I really want to start ranking soon
  10. olo555

    Authority websites

    Hello do u know some good method to finding authority websites where i can create profile with link to my website? Thanks all for help
  11. marios_521

    Links To Authority Websites For Best Results - My Idea

    We all know that linking to authority and relevant to your niche websites may help your rankings. I have some thoughts (and questions) I want to share with you. My Question: How many are too many? I mean, if two links to some good sites may help, what about ten? Is the SEO benefit good enough...
  12. gold service

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  13. daica85

    What is Domain Authority?

    Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Use Domain Authority when comparing one site to another or tracking the “strength” of your website over time. This indicator is evaluated by combining all data of...
  14. hootsparta

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  15. Mr Vlad

    The Huffington Post - Free Guest Posts

    Hey there fellas! So I decided to offer free guest posting on the Huffington Post for my BHW friends. Before some of you start asking me to post your spammy crap, let me outline a few RULES: - I need from you 500-1000 words of highest quality content - Absolutely no duplicate content, I will...
  16. Pepper Jr.

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  17. thefaust

    Creating Web 2.0 and Tier 2 before serious link building?

    Should i make Web 2.0 and Tier 2 for my website before linkbuilding ( blog comments..., PBN, Guest Posts) ? Will it make a difference for authority of the webpage or smth else?
  18. E


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  19. MidtownMan

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    Building an Authority Site in 2017-2018 Journey I have never successfully built a site and made more than a few dollars from it. I have been successful with social media and eBay, but never building profitable sites. My journey will be different from many, because I will be using all...
  20. gussieboi

    DA 45/ PA 54 Video Game/Movie Domain

    I am selling a domain that has a domain authority of 45 and page authority of 54. The domain was related to a major movie release and you will instantly recognize the movie that this domain was used for. This domain has hundreds of authority links such as:
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