Aug 19, 2022
Please HELP

Why my site's DA is still 45? and How can I increase it?

  • I have been trying to increase the MOZ DA of this site - ( DA-45, PA- 46). I have been working on it actively for past 4 months.

  • From competitor research, I can see that 90% of the competitors MOZ DA = 2 times * minimum MOZ PA.
  • For e.g. If a site XYZ.COM who has been maintaining a DA= 60 for 1-2 years, then their minimum PA is = 28-30 (pages without any backlinks) .
  • If we follow this rule, then MOZ PA is almost the half of MOZ DA
  • Didn’t face this issue with AHREFS DR

I have seen these following changes in my site-
  1. Increased Moz's PA of each page to 25 from 21 (pages without anyout any backlinks)
  2. Minimum MOZ PA of the site's pages = 25
  3. Increased Home page's PA to 46 from 45.
  4. But the site's DA is still 45 after 3 months
  5. I'm able to increase AHREFS DR to 64 from 56

It would be a great assistance if you could help a newbie like me.
why do you want to increase it? for ranking purpose? if so, DA has nothing to do with ranking

to cheat others in selling backlinks?!
Mate DA doesn't matter at all. Rather you should focus on other things
why do you want to increase it? for ranking purpose? if so, DA has nothing to do with ranking

to cheat others in selling backlinks?!
@fb3003 No, not for ranking and our site doesn’t link to external site, I just want to see how much can I increase the DA and how to do it.
You can create some quality and relevant backlinks to your site, Also keep publishing the quality content.
Build DA based backlinks and Link insertion backlinks will help you out to increase your Authority
Niche edit could make your work faster, use high DA ones. Make better internal linking and publish quality articles on your site.
Would wikipedia links help with authority?
Find some wikipedia articles in your niche that have 'citation needed' and write an article covering the topic, then edit the wikipedia page and add your citation.
Get backlinks from High Authority Sites, Niche edit links could work faster to improve your authority.
Take links from different niche which have different link profile.
for example if you are building link in Design & development, most of the sites have link profile, so you not getting the best value (As per DA)
take link from another niches which are also somehow related to their site, surely it will increase your DA
Fine then, you can try high DA link insertion & niche-relevant links to improve your DA. This works for my client who operates in a highly competitive niche. Give it a try & experiment with the results.
just want to see how to increase it as an experiment. SEO is all about experiment
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