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  1. subbun

    Unlimited Moz DA PA, Alexa, Semrush, Majestic CF TF Link Checker

    Find and used the best source of website Moz Checker that is giving free service of all of them. Moz DA PA, Alexa, Semrush TF CF, Majestic I felt that share with BH team members, so that will help other who are looking to verify any Website Moz DA PA, Alexa, Semrush, Majestic statistics...
  2. crissdinesh

    Moz is Mad! Spam score for Forbes is 33

    Hello BHW, We want to rank well on Google. Google's search console shows the site's performance, manual action, and other SEO things. Then, why there is a need for the 3rd party tool like Moz? I'm not familiar with Majestic or other tools. But people are concerned about PA, DA and Spam...
  3. crissdinesh

    Moz Stats: has a Spam score of 21%

    Hello, BHW! It’s an interesting thing about the Bing search engine. Moz bar showing 21% as spam score for Bing while other search engines have 0-10%. Is Moz became mad? I think webmasters no need to worry too much about spam score. Can any SEO expert explain this? Thanks.