1. blue_lime

    Backlinks from sites like medium , blogger , reddit etc.

    Hello BHW, I created several articles with links to my money sites on websites like blogger, medium , quora and reddit before 3 weeks. I would like to know if this step worth or not for backlinks and site authority or useless? I haven't seen them in GSC and also via Semrush. I haven't find...
  2. K

    Looking for Australian blogers

    Hi everyone, I want to increase the backlinks and authority of my website... I am looking for Australian blogers, if you have a website (the content of the website is product review), please contact me, if your website traffic is good, I will send you a free electric skateboard, as exchange...
  3. castoro

    Best way to organize Author page, About Us page and overall Schema to increase E-A-T

    I want to organize my site in the best way possibile, mostly in order to increase E-A-T. I have a blog where I am the only author. CURRENT SITUATION As for now I have my credentials on the about us page. My author page is the default wordpress author page, with my name and the blog post that...
  4. shawn_007

    Hiding your Identity - How do you deal with that

    Hello Folks, Hope you all are well. To all my friends who own a blog, what do you write in your about us page? Do you reveal who you are or you just represent yourself as a person who is expert in the niche your blog is all about? I have been doing rounds on many blogs and I find a lot of...
  5. K

    Author Taking a Crack at Marketing

    Hi all. I have been clicking around and reading on BHW for a few months now. Not a big poster. I worked in Finance for 15 years. Never loved it. Over the last 3 years I wrote a really good book and moved from Langley, BC to Winnipeg, MB because of the lower cost of living. I also was good with...
  6. draco02

    I need an article writer

    Hello, im a 18 year old Student from Germany, i want to start going into the SEO and website Business; i did a few jobs the last few weeks and earned a bit money which i want to use to build up a portfolio containing 10-50 websites I need a native american/english writer that is able to write...
  7. PopularPlayer

    WTB Indian Content Writer

    I am looking for high-quality freelancer writing tutorials and blog posts about government, education and financial topics and making some screenshots/images for the articles as well. What I am looking for: - good English grammar and able to write in Hindi as well - reliable and able to...
  8. mikesa

    Need help for briefing an author

    Hello, i am planning to build new Authority Site, so i looking for a copywriter/seo Here a few points Do Keyword Research Find topics that pass the test of time See what others are writing and come up with better content Write an In-Depth and Relevant Pieces of evergreen 10xContent article...
  9. J

    NEED HELP with Kindle eBook!

    Hello everyone, I’m Johnny and I’ve been trying to sell my Kindle eBook on Amazon without any concrete result. I have no sales, the free promotion only brought me 50 downloads. Obviously, I didn’t really know how to advertise it.. Details: It’s a self-help book. A practical guide to goal...
  10. G

    Need Cryptocurrency Writer

    We need a cryptocurrency author. The author must know well about cryptocurrency and also should e good with English & grammar. Interested can PM me.
  11. stockriderman

    Can I do 301 redirect to Wordpress "author"

    eg. we have images and on every page there's a "posted by admin" link and when you click on it it just leads to the following page(disregard the domain name shown here...) and then on that page it just says "Post Not Found" Completely useless. Would it be better to...
  12. BitterBuzzkill

    Is Amazon Kindle Dead?

    I have searched around and I am wondering if anyone here knows a definitive answer to this question? People all seem to be confused by it so if anyone is still doing kindle then would you be willing to talk to me directly about what exactly you make from it?
  13. Unvirginator

    Looking for Content/copyright

    hi all, can you suggest me anyone that writtes quality content for adsense blog related to tech ? i know we have a content/copyright section here on BHW but i don't trust everyone and with adsense there is no room for jokes . even spinned content passes copyscape i would appreciate suggesting...
  14. dennyfar

    Being Author on My Blog

    Hello all bloggers, I just launch new blog about Tech. And I develop that blog for now and for the future. I just build backlink to it. If you interested being an author of my blog, I'm very glad. Let me know if you interested. Thank you.
  15. etonner

    WTB Completed Erotica Novel

    Have you completed (written & edited) an erotica or new adult romance novel?? I want to buy it! PM me with your e-mail and let's chat about it.
  16. etonner

    WTB completed Erotica Novel

    Have you written an erotica novel that you're looking to sell? I want it! PM me and include your e-mail addresss (can't reply as a noob)
  17. etonner

    Author # Recommendations

    What are some good #s to use to gain followers for a new Indie author?
  18. Ellie4294

    Post Article on TechCrunch

    Hello freelancers, I am looking for some author or guest blogger on TechCrunch! Let me know asap so we can talk about payment. Cheers, Ellie
  19. Ellie4294

    How to post an article on TechCrunch or Mashable?

    Hei Buddies, I am wanting to post an article on TechCrunch or Mashable. I have submitted to them a month before but they didnt replied to me! Is here any one who can help me? Any kind of help or info is appreciated. Best, Ellie
  20. figgity

    Buying Google Play Books Accounts

    If you have a Google Play Account that is enrolled in the Google Play Books Partner program, I am interested in buying your account. PM me if this is you.
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