1. L

    Audiobook Sales Metrics - Does anyone have recommendations on how to estimate sales of audiobooks?

    Does anyone have recommendations on how to estimate sales of audiobooks? I have looked into Bookstat but read they vastly overestimate sales and cannot find anything similar. I have software to give me the BSR (Best Selling Ranking) for audiobooks, but cannot find a datapoint to estimate the...
  2. Dejan V.

    I Need Audible Account Creator

    I am looking for a coder that can create Account Creator that works (listener accounts). I would like to relate to professional and honest people.
  3. timblur

    [GET] ANY Audiobook From Audible

    Hey guys, you can request any audiobook from audible. I am taking requests until 10th April and I will upload all of the audiobooks (or as many as I can) and share them here on 10th or 11th April.
  4. jadezoole

    Authors: How much copies do you sell in one month on Amazon?

    I have a generic question: How much copies do you sell from your books in one month (kindle, paperback etc. combined)? I have currently 4 books (quality, 110-250 pages, pro cover, interesting non-fiction topics) available on Amazon, I spend the last 2 years with learning to market these books...
  5. winofficially

    Do You Want Free AUDIOBOOKS?

    I can extract audiobooks from Audible(any book) If I get enough votes I would create a simple website where you will be able to request audiobooks and I will be uploading them to the website for free. You can vote above ^ Why am I doing the poll? I just want to see if there will be...
  6. W

    Audible Credits

    Hi, I'm still new to the forums so forgive me if this isn't the right place to ask, if it's not please move it. :) I see these sellers on eBay selling Audible credits for as cheap as 6 credits for £14, what is the deal? Credits are normally a lot more,, £8 per month for 1 credit. These listings...
  7. ShiningWarrior

    Any alternate way of Audible Books?

    Hi, I wanted to read some entrepreneurial books to get a better view of how successful peoples looks at LIVES. And amazon audible books are costly. Any free way to get the same books in audible form to listen via mobile or desktop? How do you all read books to clear your mind and to get a...
  8. pulok

    [help]Need virtual credit card for audible

    hey guys i want a audio tutorial which is in tutorial is free for 1 month(1 month trial).So i want to have the tutorial.But i don't have bank account,credit card or anything,So i plan to get the tutorial from a virtual credit card.I try to create one from yandex.But to verify...
  9. pulok

    [Help]Need free russian sms verification for yandex

    As you can see in the title i need a free russian sms verification website to create a yandex virtual credit card i am not able to get any russian number from textnow.I need it to create a virtual credit card to get a 1 month trial audio tutorial for audible.Thats why i want to create...