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Jan 5, 2023
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Hey all,
I picked a niche I am passionate about and have started this site. I'd appreciate some feedback to see if I am even on the right track. The idea was sort of a GoodReads for Audiobooks. I have a spreadsheet that I have kept over the past ~5 years with all the audiobooks I've listened to (500+) and that was sort of the genesis of this project- compiling that into a review site. I have realized it is pretty-time consuming if I want to add them all (which I do), however it will never be nearly as comphrensive as a Goodreads or something like that. Regardless, am I on the right track?? All add to the blog section with more click-baitey content like "Top 10 Self-Help Audiobooks" etc.I have written all the review but one by hand as ChatGPT seems sterile and dry vs. a more authentic voice. Maybe I could feed my reviews into chatGPT to have them fleshed out.
Roast away & feedback appreciated- thanks!
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