Do You Want Free AUDIOBOOKS?

Do you want me to do it?

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I can extract audiobooks from Audible(any book)

If I get enough votes
I would create a simple website

where you will be able to request audiobooks
and I will be uploading them to the website
for free.

You can vote above ^

Why am I doing the poll?
I just want to see if there will be people who are going to be using the website I don't to waste my time creating the website for nothing.
any updated bro ? I would like the latest dean Graziosi book
hell yeah man , what kind of question is that ! LETS GO !!!!!!!
at time of posting this, 3 people have voted no. WTF?! you must be def or something that dont want this service.
Does anyone else not realize this post was from nearly a year ago?
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