1. L

    Audiobook Sales Metrics - Does anyone have recommendations on how to estimate sales of audiobooks?

    Does anyone have recommendations on how to estimate sales of audiobooks? I have looked into Bookstat but read they vastly overestimate sales and cannot find anything similar. I have software to give me the BSR (Best Selling Ranking) for audiobooks, but cannot find a datapoint to estimate the...
  2. Michaeilla

    Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks

    Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks 1.AudioBook Bay AudioBook Bay is among the most beloved and trusted torrent sites for audiobooks. 2. My Anonamouse My Anonamouse currently tracks over 35,000 audiobook torrents. 3.The Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrent sites for not...
  3. timblur

    [GET] ANY Audiobook From Audible

    Hey guys, you can request any audiobook from audible. I am taking requests until 10th April and I will upload all of the audiobooks (or as many as I can) and share them here on 10th or 11th April.
  4. D

    Do You Want Free AUDIOBOOKS?

    I can extract audiobooks from Audible(any book) If I get enough votes I would create a simple website where you will be able to request audiobooks and I will be uploading them to the website for free. You can vote above ^ Why am I doing the poll? I just want to see if there will be...
  5. W

    Audible Credits

    Hi, I'm still new to the forums so forgive me if this isn't the right place to ask, if it's not please move it. :) I see these sellers on eBay selling Audible credits for as cheap as 6 credits for £14, what is the deal? Credits are normally a lot more,, £8 per month for 1 credit. These listings...
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