1. OscarMaster

    Need PPI traffic [DESKTOP]

    Hello to the world of black hats! I'm looking for all kinds of PPI traffic for DESKTOP, I need rigs in different geos at an adequate price! We have been buying rigs for a long time and have some rules here are a couple of them: 1. We do a test before we work 2. Work only postpaid (If you have...
  2. M


    Can anyone please send an invite for IPTorrents. I don't know if someone hacked my account or not but my password is not working. Tried to change password but it won't allow me to without current password -.-
  3. S

    Questions about downloading netflix

    Will downloading Netflix videos via vpn and account purchases avoid tracking? I will use offshore hosting and offshore storage server.
  4. Dragann

    Selling E books - purchased and downloaded without hosting the files?

    Hi blackhatworld! Today, my 2 friends and me decided to start creation of a website to sell E-Books. An issue we came across while discussing the plan is - how to safely sell the ebook without hosting the files? How do we let the customer pay and after that download the ebook? What would be some...
  5. Prem62

    Get everything from Envato Elements. And help me to start my new journey.

    Hope everyone is well. I'm in BHW for a few months. I'm a WordPress developer and work on Fiverr and with my personal clients. I just followed everyones journey. Now want to work with blogging or auto-adult video website. As I'm a designer so that is a plus point for me to design my site. I...
  6. Lerroy17

    Bulk Download

    Hi guys. Is there a bot or service that lets you bulk download videos from tiktok?
  7. O

    Ways to earn from my site (except Adsense)

    I have a website with over 40k visitors monthly. How I can earn from it except Adsense because my site content doesn't follow AdSense rules. The geographical area that my site targets in MENA (Middle East & South Africa) Notice: My site's first goal is to make visitors download something...
  8. C

    Newbie Here! - Planning to get a membership from GETWSODO but worrying about legitimacy of this website. Have some questions ^^

    Planning to get a membership from GETWSODO but worrying about legitimacy of this website. Anyone used it before or can recommend any other platform like this? Note: Tried to find the course in here but couldn't find it. Also all links that I found on other websites always need premium...
  9. B

    Spotify to mp3

    Does anyone know how to create a website which turn spotify song links to downloadable mp3 file?
  10. Jacke met

    what is the best free script to bulk/mass download tiktok videos without watermark by @user

    i tried a lot of script from github but none of them worked for me if you tried any one that is working with you please share it
  11. StarNeo

    Tell me which teaser advertising system to choose?

    Hello! Need help. I want to order a teaser ad for a site for installing a PC program. I need: 1. Unique users 2. Large traffic from Europe and America 3. Minimum payment up to $100 Tell me which teaser advertising system to choose?
  12. Fussballgott

    ⛔️ [Download] ⛔️ 750+ Websites Accepting Guest Posts/Link Edits ✅ AT LEAST 10k TRAFFIC ✅ DR78 Guest Post With 160K Traffic For Just $50?

    I don’t need any dumb superhero sales graphic here. If you’re serious about building quality links this list is for you. It’s a list with 750+ websites that accept guest posts and/or link edits (610+ of them accept both), all of them have at least 10k traffic according to Ahrefs. I’ve tried...
  13. Muhatrima

    downloading Parts of Videos ?

    All the online sites i have used to use for this purpose are all gone!. i want to download parts of a youtube video , is there any online or offline software/solution for this at the moment ?
  14. snowmanstudio

    Suggest Me A Theme for Wallpaper Website

    I want to make a wallpaper downloading website... But didn't find any wallpaper theme... - wordpress/ Next Js / PHP
  15. WebGenix

    [POLL]: How do you want to receive your downloadable files?

    Hello, In the past, I was sharing a lot of courses and files (WordPress themes & plugins) with the BHW community, I will do the same in a short time period, I just want to know how you like to get the links, For small files (Themes & Plugins) it's no problem, most files don't exceed 100MB, But...
  16. NulledCode

    Use this trick to download files to S3 using JavaScript

    Have you ever wanted to download a file from the internet and upload it to S3? With this module, you can do just that! Use with Amazon S3, Digitalocean Spaces, or any other platform that utilizes S3. I created a simple module that can transfer the contents of a URL to an S3 bucket. The beautify...
  17. lawyal

    Instagram post downloader

    I'm looking for a simple download service which can download image posts from Instagram. Years ago I used 4K Stogram and different browser plugins, but due to the lower crawling limits from Instagram this isn't successful anymore. Is there an online service or program that can download posts...
  18. Pwnageboy

    Can any one help me out with a download from Flaticon ( Premium user )

    Hey guys, I am looking for some one with a Flaticon permium account to download a pack for me. It's this pack I would love to have: Since I do have a Freepik premium account I don't mind helping you out when you need something from there! Thanks...
  19. Jack Jericho

    [GIVEAWAY] Anything you want from Envato Elements

    Dear BHW Members, you've helped me a lot, I'd like to return the favor - if you need anything from then post the link and I will get it for you. Offer valid until Thursday, 1pm ET time - 3 items per member limit. Like the post if you want something like this in...
  20. Josh Saga

    [HAF] Need Someone with Envato Elements Account for some Downloads

    Need someone with an Envato Account and wants quick buck I need 25 items Will pay $5 for it / Paypal Only Thanks, Josh Saga
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