1. CyberCommander

    This free tool brings your privacy back

    Today I'm your hero :D With this free tool* you can manage, analyse and block all connections of every app and OS activities (Windows & Linux) Tell me thank you later^^ *im not the developer of this tool. i share only my knowledge with the BHW community
  2. Rakzs

    List of crypto resources for anonymity / no KYC purposes

    As you know KYC is very big in the crypto space which isn't good for those who want privacy with whatever they're doing. Here's some resources I have found which provide lists of good resources for anonymity. - List of wallets, sites, general...
  3. A

    Anonymous website

    Hi folks, I am thinking of creating a new site. But I have one imperative: to remain totally anonymous. Initially, I was thinking of using Substack or any other online publishing tool with a built-in paywall. Except that: when you say subscription, you say invoice, and when you say invoice...
  4. Azure Spark

    Is it possible to use PropellerAds anonymously (no KYC, anonymous payments)?

    From what I can see PropellerAds requires KYC for certain customers. Have they ever asked you for it? Why? How do you avoid this? Also, the only anonymous payment option they offer is WebMoney, but they only offer it in certain countries. Should I set my account location to Russia to gain...
  5. D

    ▶️ THE ART OF BECOMING AN ONLINE GHOST: Hide Your Activity ☑️ Regain Your Privacy ☑️ Improve Your Security ☑️ Instant Download ☑️

    Comment "Privacy" and i will send you an exclusive discount code! Reviews:
  6. nichefoxscout

    Work completely anonymous on 100s accounts from anywhere

    With some automation you can basically clone other peoples content to your own website and place your ads on it. This way you don't need to come up with content yourself and you already know the content is great if you take viral content. For this I'm looking for a completely anonymous way to...
  7. Max Kirschner

    How would you make a good income without giving up your privacy and identity?

    What I mean by this is quite simple: anyone who talks about establishing their own brand also talks about representing their brand personally. So you should reveal your identity, present yourself on the internet, even if you risk being associated with it on the street in public. Most people who...
  8. midnight-cigarettes

    Deposit as Unverified to Payeer?

    i have a service to pay that accepts Payeer, can I deposit and pay without verification (sending ID, etc.) i'm just confused with this bit when depositing i don't really like sending photos, and even photos of my card. anyone have experience with it? can you stay anonymous for small payments?
  9. D

    Fake ID to stay anonymous on BTC platform

    Hello guys, I'm new in this group and this is my first post. I was wondering about how to thruly stay anonymous while trasfering money on my btc account. I'm not talking about washing them in some BTC laundry which, if made right, could lead to good result while transfering from one address to...
  10. urban#08e8de


    ANONYMITY AND SECURITY it has been some time now that im looking for multiple ways and ideas to stay as much anonymous as possible online, while browsing, chatting, communicating and like here "foruming"and also other stuff.... what is for you the best setup to reach this level of anonymity, for...
  11. JohnUturn

    How to stay anonymous when creating/uploading a WP website?

    Hey guys. I'm wondering how to keep your anonymity when creating websites? Usually, I'm creating it on a local server and then uploading it on the hosting. But probably it's possible to trace the creator/owner. Maybe you can provide a few key steps on how to stay untraced when doing this? Maybe...
  12. Smtppop3

    Why your privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide.

    Today I came across this thread: In it, there was a small discussion on privacy and the methods some people use to stay as anonymous as possible. However, below the thread there were...
  13. Lamelo Ball

    What Steps You Guys Take to Safeguard Your Privacy and Anonymity?

    I'm sorry this is not a tutorial. I apologise if I have posted it in a wrong section. I'm looking for a productive discussion and insight from BHW members, who are from diverse background, different expertise and have wealth of experience. Time and again I wonder can I be 100% anonymous? Can...
  14. russian racket

    Social Nets Defender. How social nets can tell if your accounts are fake

    Hi, dear BHW members! I'm in the Facebook business for a long 8 years. During that time i learned lots of thing from scratch: coding, web automatization, configuring nets, online marketing and everything related to it. You can check it in my previous topics: Russian vs Facebook. Diary of the...
  15. D

    Accepting Prepaid Credit Cards or something Anonymously?

    First off - looooong time reader, first time poster =D. Yes, I've searched read some recent threads about this, but none have specific question like mine or an answer that is conclusive for my situation. I started a website a year ago. I'm not going to mention or link to it, but it's a...
  16. Weeping_Angel

    Best tips&tricks to stay anonymous while using Tor?

    Hey all I'm wanting to know how Black hats stay anonymous while using Tor? I have a few Ideas but just want to put Ideas around. My general Ideas are spoof your, IP address (Using nesting VPN technique.) Mac Adress (learning how to spoof It.) DNS (I'm sure a VPN does this Automatically.)...
  17. Adilpro

    NordVpn or VIP72 for a better anonymity

    Hi, What do suggest using fo a 100% totally encrypted anonymity on web browsing ??
  18. Adilpro

    Web Hosting Services That Accept Bitcoin

    Hi, I need to buy a web hosting that respect anonymously-privacy and accept bitcoin payment without asking for payment informations What do you suggest ?
  19. Adilpro

    How do I create a truly anonymous hosted blog or website

    Hi, Please i want you help to create an anonymous news website, hiding my identity, IP... What tools do i need and where to find them (VPN, hosting VPS, domain name...)
  20. J

    How to stay private?

    Hi, what would be the best way to run some scripts in private. If I have windows on my VPS and want to stay private there, what do I do? Use VPN on my computer as well? Or can I use VPN on my VPS? Or getting some hosting where I pay with bitcoin is the only way
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