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  1. kurosaki4d

    Question about backlinking

    Hello everyone, I've been using "HARO" for my backlinking campaign, and so far it's been going well. I've acquired multiple backlinks to my homepage with "the same anchor text", which is my website's name. So my question is: if I keep using the same anchor text for all those acquired...
  2. curious_

    Anchor ratio question

    I talked to a couple of SEO folks and they all say the same thing about anchor ratio: If you have an over-optimized anchor, just use comments links, Web 2.0s and other D0follow links with naked, branded and misc anchors to dilute the anchor ratio Even though it sounds correct, each link has...
  3. Goku Soku

    I have an EMD domain and I want to rank it so what anchor text strategy would be safer to use? Please guide!

    I have an EMD domain and I want to rank it so what anchor text strategy would be safer to use? Please guide!
  4. SERP Buster

    My Seo mistake - Bought some backlinks from seo pannel

    Hi, I admit, That I have bought some spammy backlinks from one of the seo store online for my main website. And in return, I got some bunch of spam links. With span contextual anchor links and over optimized anchors. Now I had a bunch of backlinks repots from them. With over optimized anchors...
  5. T

    How to remove wrong anchor text?

    Hey guys, Several months ago, my website got several security issues and had some wrong posts in my site. I removed linked posts already but when i come to check my site they still appear is as anchors text. Do you have any idea to clear them? Here's my site:
  6. X


    Hello guys I am trying to avoid google penalty for over optimized anchor keyword. I run a music niche. I have used my main keyword for a long time but I want to avoid it now. So I used branded + keyword and only branded link. Now since I run a music download niche is it save to use the artiste...
  7. udayantha11

    2nd tier kw variation help

    I have created 1 tier 10 web 2 so then i need to know for 2nd tier keyword variation. 1. first-tier keyword variation applied for 2nd tier? 2.the same keyword list of 1st tier for 2nd tier? and anchor ? -
  8. PandaBusters

    Universal Database of Minimum Posts with No-anchor-text

    Many blogs, forums, require a minimum number of posts (usually 15) before you can post anchor text/back links. It is good, therefore, to seek out these high Pagerank, do-follow sites, with the first post non-spam (manual post) and then spun articles pertain to keyword relevant news items, then...
  9. Bishal Bhandari

    Anchor Text Help

    I have seen many post about anchor text and other for good raking but I am confused. Should I use proper anchor text to link the articles within my websites also? Or it should be used while linking to other domains? Also should I use do follow links to link an article within my post ? Should...
  10. Wooslenger

    Do links without anchor tag provide link juice?

    my first thread :). I was wondering if a link without an anchor tag counts as a backlink and is followed by search engines? sorry for being a noob :(
  11. Amitsaha

    automatic forum posting software for anchor backlink..

    For anchor Link Building, i need automatic forum posting software for Windows 7 anyone know this strategy or softwere name please help me......
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