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  1. davids355

    Building and ranking a niche website in 2022

    First things first; when you get started on your project you need to have your head in the right place. Think BIG, think POWERFUL, think of your niche website as a samurai sword - you want to keep to the original specification of a sword, you don't want to over-complicate it or turn it into...
  2. davids355

    Building and Ranking Sites in 2020 - The Ultimate Guide

    Introduction Back when I wrote the last guide (Building and ranking sites in 2017 - SEO was hard. Well, it certainly hasn't got any easier today and if you are looking for a quick way to make money online...
  3. M

    Amazon Niche Research ideas

    Anyone here who can give me the thread url to amazon niche research guide. I am unable to find one on BHW. Moderators please move or remove this thread if it does not fix in this forum
  4. Abdul Wahhab Mokhtar

    Amazon Affiliate Niche Website from Zero to $1000

    Firstly, I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes. English isn't my main language. I'm from Egypt and started IM a few years ago. This is my first serious Amazon Niche website and I think it's doing well so far. I hope these details inspire some of our members to take action as soon as possible and...
  5. ATuringtest

    Amazon Niche - Rank the keyword then the product ?

    So I found a decent niche nothing spectacular but its a passion of mine keyword gets 1.5k to 3.5k searches a month, products range from $30 - 2k Other than amazon themselves no front page ads some individual products in the sponsored top carousel. So happy with that :) got the most searched...
  6. notatriple0

    Is making an amazon niche website still worth it? in 2019?

    I can design and handcode the website pretty fast. I'm picking a niche that I really like but I'm not sure if it will be good or not. All I know is that their are not many websites doing it and the ones that are have shitty 300 word blogs and the other ones don't even have ssl. What do...
  7. Go SEO

    [Done for you] Complete Amazon Niche Website's|Paid Themes & Plugins| Native Content | 30% Discount

  8. doctorhm007

    [HELP] Question about site structure

    Hello, I have a niche site with a static homepage (best type product), and I want to scale it to 2-3 other niches, but in order to do that, I have to change the homepage so it links to all the categories. My question is: when I change my homepage, should I redirect the old page somewhere or...
  9. doctorhm007

    How would you recategorize your site into other niches?

    Hello Blackhatters, I'm working on a niche site that was designed to only target a specific niche, but after, I uncovered some really great potential niches that I can scale the site to. The problem is, I didn't plan for this since the beginning, my only intention was to dominate only the niche...
  10. fullyniche

    ☘️PASSIVE AMAZON NICHE V2.0 - FULLYNICHE.COM PRESENTS!☘️▶️✅Hosting◀️HQ Content◀️Backlinks▶️50% OFF

  11. alice252293

    $500 a month with amazon niche site - let see where it goes

    My first earnings is from chaturbate and it still brings autopilot income for me. In the last 2 months I have made $2500 that's why I have money to spend on this journey. What I have done: Hosting : Registered Hawkhost unlimited plan $191/ 2 years (I host other websites). I chose Hawkhost...
  12. alice252293

    Amazon associate account question

    I registered amazon affiliate program a year ago. 3 months later they closed my account and the reason was I did not make any sales. Can I reapply? I'm ready to make a new amazon niche site now but I have to make sure that they will accept my application. Thanks
  13. alice252293

    People failed at building Amazon Niche Site - Please share your experience.

    In the last 2 months I make some money with chaturbate ($1500). That's why now I have enough budget to order content, buying backlinks. I wanted to create my own content but It seems my english is not good enough. I already registered domain, hosting an picked the content writer on here. My...
  14. T

    A Decision Worth it-Hello!

    From the western part of Africa he was born. A typical African with an insatiable desire to succeed in making substantial income online. He has been online for many years yet has not make so much money to show for it but rather a few affiliate sales here and there. His reason for joining this...
  15. alice252293

    Suggestions for a non-native english speaker to write good content?

    I want to build an amazon niche. My problem right now is content. I'm a non-native english speakers so I'm quite sure that I will make tons of grammar mistakes in the articles. At the moment, I cannot afford to buy content. I read a thread on here saying that it took three months for him to made...
  16. -Ali-


    Hey Everyone! -I am an 18 years old college student who has been in the making money online game for 3.5+ years basically trying to GET RICH QUICK and doing so much different non organized stuff .. I just wasn't really serious about it. I've lost money and earned but most importantly...
  17. kakbabu

    Not getting sufficient bid for new amazon niche website.

    I have seen on flippa that website making $10-20 per month fetch good money than to sell a new website. How long do you expert think that a new well researched Amazon niche website with premium design and content will take to make $10-$20 per month?
  18. T

    How to rank an amazon niche site?

    Hey guys, Actually I am looking for the best OFF-Page SEO strategies to rank an amazon niche site. Site is currently getting 100+ targeted traffic. I want to scale it and improve the ranking and traffic. Please suggest me the ways to do it. Thanks.
  19. HenryObi

    How Do You Find Profitable Unsaturated Niches For Particular Country

    Hi and good day BHW, I'm looking into starting a blog to target a particular country(or group of countries with similarity) in a particular niche that is profitable in both display ads and amazon affiliate. I am fairly good at SEO and can get my site ranking in a couple of weeks(that is if...
  20. DentalMidget

    Hight product price or high search volume (Amazon)

    Hi All, Im planning on starting an amazon site. I want to ask you guys; - While chosing keywords for Amazon site should we go for higher product price or higher search volume. - What should be ideal product price range ? - As a newb should we go for higher prices or its a no go? is $5000 too...