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  1. RoXt3R

    Dirt Cheap KEYWORDS For Amazon Niche Site - Make Your Keyword Research Done Today!

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  2. F

    Noob attempt at ranking a low comp. amazon keyword purchased from Zlatan And BTB

    So, I have been lurking the forum for a long time now. This will be my first real attempt at SEO. I have already tried to rank a blackhat keyword and made good progress but I will pause that one for now since I want to have a go at a white hat keyword. And this will be the real deal till I rank...
  3. Mahir khan

    Journey To make 5k per month ( amazon niche site )

    Hey guys, How are you doing? This is Mahir. Here I'm sharing my affiliate journey. I will share every single update. I'm building a niche website and promote products from Amazon. I think you know what is Amazon affiliate program. I'm highly interested to share my niche site journey. My target...
  4. dgeebee

    Ranking Amazon Niche site with PBN quick question

    Hi, I'm having some moderate success on two amazon niche site using my PBN but I've been kind of linking from my pbn quite randomly, so my question is about anchor text and inner pages vs homepage. 1/ Should I link 30% to homepage and then scatterd to different sub niche that I target? Now...
  5. Mominul Islam

    Amazon Niche Site SEO

    Hi, I have created an Amazon Niche Site. I have completed onpage SEO and submitted to google webmaster tool. Already few page have indexed . Now what step I will follow so that my website will rank by my keywords. I want to know best off page SEO guideline. I am new in SEO. Actually I am a web...
  6. BeastMoney


    $$$ TheExecutioner's journey to Amazon riches $$$ Hey guys, Right now I'm going to be starting an Amazon niche site. I've been thinking about it for quite some time now but never had time to start it. Well, I've wasted enough time. It makes sense to start TODAY rather than tomorrow. My...
  7. S

    Proof of concept: Amazon Journey while doing 9 to 5 job. $100/month until June 2017

    I'll be sharing my journey on bhw to proove that IM is doable even though you're on a 9 to 5 job. I'm currently working in the IT sector on a 9 to 5 job, which I enjoy. Although, I have realized that I might reach a point in my life when I want more freedom in my life. Being able to decide...
  8. Jeepy

    Dude's Amazon Niche site without investing.

    Hi! I have started a new journey. Ok, I will start everything from beginning. My Name is Elvis and I'm from Latvia. I'm tech blogger and IT Engineer and I'm very good in Internet (not marketing or smth, but searching, browsing and finding). Past few years I was browsing BHW and just reading...
  9. Iamtheman

    Need Suggestion for Amazon niche site

    Hi I am not so good in SEO. I see my competitor Rank their site using PBN. I don't want to use any PBN, as some marketer said PBN not good for stability of your site. I am planning to build my link through Web 2.0 , Blog comment, Forum post, Content Marketing, Video marketing. Question is ...
  10. BloggerTonmoy

    Looking for best BHW Keyword research service for Amazon niche blog

    Hi, I'm looking for the best Keyword research service on BHW for amazon niche blog .. I will need 1-2 Main keywords with more than 3000+ US local searches but very low competition that can rank easily and Only Buying keywords. 4-5 Secondary keywords and each keywords should be have...
  11. BloggerTonmoy

    Premium Writer Required for 1000 Word Article

    Hi, I have a article writing job that requires a minimum of 1,000 words. I will provide you with the article title and subtitles and would like you to research and write a 1000 word article. The article must be high quality and future work will follow for the right applicant. Required: ...
  12. BloggerTonmoy

    Amazon Niched Slectetion Selection confusions

    Hello Guys, How are you all? I want to start few amazon based niches blogs. But i have few confusions. First I want to go with small niches. Only Specifics niches .. Such as: I choose the "Health & Personal Care" Niche . And There are a lot's of sub niches (Baby and Child Care...
  13. A

    Amazon Niche Site Diary

    After reading Danny1111 thread I was inspired to join and make my own diary using his method. The main reason I wanted to join and make my own diary was to keep myself motivated. I plan on making a to-do list at the start of each week and try to get thought it. I may update thought the week...