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    Amazon Affiliate Help

    Hello . I'm new I want to Affiliate Amazon but I don't know how I do keyword research I hear from many people that this is the most important keyword in Amazon Affiliate So I'm going to help you how do I do keyword research thanks
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    Why keyword research is very essential ?

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    Hight product price or high search volume (Amazon)

    Hi All, Im planning on starting an amazon site. I want to ask you guys; - While chosing keywords for Amazon site should we go for higher product price or higher search volume. - What should be ideal product price range ? - As a newb should we go for higher prices or its a no go? is $5000 too...
  12. E

    How can I evaluate keyword competition for Amazon products?

    Hi. I am not sure that I do correctly. Example, I choose this product 'Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker'. I checked in Google Keyword Planner and see only 210 queries / month. Then I checked SERP in Google and I found site who sell this product and a few sites with review. If Google...
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