[hack] How to extract Back-End Keywords of Amazon listing in 2 minutes?


Feb 6, 2017
As I have been getting into Amazon SEO these last weeks, I have learned a trick how to find out the Back-End Keywords of your competitors or any interesting listing. There are services charging a lot of money for this, here you can do it in 2 minutes yourself for FREE!

Step 1 – Create an Amazon Vendor Express account, don’t need seller account. I used my private AMZ account today, it worked. It is free!

Step 2 – It will ask you questions about your business, just enter some fake info. It will ask if you own the rights to your brand. Yes, confirm. After that I did not complete the process of inputting all the info.

Step 3 – Click Product on Menu, add Product. You get 2 Fields to fill.
1. Field – up to you whatever you like, not relevant.
2. EAN = Europe or UPC= US


Find your competitor and his EAN / UPC but most of the time you will get a wrong number or it will be missing, so it is not reliable. However, the ASIN is 100% reliable. Copy the ASIN in the product listing, usually mid page on product information.

Use a ASIN to EAN Converter, Link is in Image as I cannot post links.
I don’t have a Site for ASIN to UPC, just Google and test it. Find a free service.


I choose a Lighting product that is top 30 and top 1 in two other categories. Also, Amazon´s Choice product but they don’t always work.


Step 4 – You should get this, see image. If not, your number is wrong. If you get the same but without the “use exact same product” then it usually says that the product is sold by brand owner, therefore not possible to hijack. Click on ““use exact same product”.


Step 5 – Select “no” on 3 boxes.


Enter some bullshit values for weight, price, height…sometimes some fields are already filled. Just complete the empty fields. Hit next. You will get a notice about the price being wrong, Amazon will offer a price, accept it and hit next again.


Step 6 – Scroll down, you will see the 5 points and product description for that listing. Under that the keywords of that listing are revealed! How nice of Amazon to provide in such a way!


Have fun!
hello ,I couldn't register vendore express account anymore(I already have a seller acount).Do this mean this method not working anymore?
We did it as FBA.. here's the tutorial I used to get set up:
Too bad they shut down vendor express. Anyone know of any other ways to get these back end keywords?
Any luck with this? I have got access to a vendor account and I think I can do it through that and will be taking orders soon if it works.
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