amazon affiliate program

  1. gates101

    How to use aawp plugin amazon affiliate?

    So, I'm a newbie and am thinking of starting my amazon affiliate blog but I don't know how to go about with it. I have been reading blogs, and watching videos where I came across the aawp plugin, can someone help me understand how I can optimize the plugin for more conversion? And if you guys...
  2. S

    Dropping amazon affiliate links on social media(youtube makeup tutorials) is allowed ?

    So, I saw couple of MUA giving a demo on how to use products and adding an link in the description. Is this allowed or we need a website to signup as associate? Also direct linking is considered safe ?
  3. Yupwork

    [HELP] Does Amazon Affiliate Program allows Putting affiliate link in Pins

    hello everyone I wanna know if Amazon Affiliate Program allows Putting affiliate link in a Pins and Facebook post. cause some youtuber do that without their account get suspension by amazon.
  4. b2mcd

    Amazon Cutting Commissions on April 21st

    Well, it appears that commissions will be cut once again on April 21st. Highest rate is now 3% for some shopping categories, while many have fallen to 1%. Unreal, looks like this is going to affect a lot of people. They just sent out an email.
  5. Ankith K Shetty

    Have a doubt about Amazon Affiliate Marketing!! (Need your master advice)

    Hi, I have read somewhere that when promoting using amazon affiliate network, I have heard that we can only use product images from amazon. Is it true, then how is this person using other images in his blog posts and also promoting amazon affiliate...
  6. jonhypr

    How to get started?

    I know this question has been asked a lot and most of you guys will tell me to read and the forums there's lots of info here but the fact is that i've been following this site since 2012 and today i decided to sing up just because i want to start doing the "amazon affiliate program" the thing is...
  7. K

    i need help about amazon affiliate program

    hi dear friends i need to make my 3 first sells trough Amazon affiliate program i tried with facebook groups , web site ( without advertising on pub ) but i cant success . if someone can give me a alternative solution i will thank him lot thanks
  8. C

    Amazon affiliate program

    Any information about amazon affiliate program !
  9. psyxo

    Where am I wrong ? [SEO]

    Hi guys, I'm aiming the french google because I master the french language and I created a project to earn money by the affiliate program of amazon. What i aim So I aimed one specific product with 10k-100k search by months. But when I saw the first pages and my concurrents, I felt that I...
  10. cheifyc

    Does Amazon Affiliate Program Allow this?

    So I was watching this kids youtube video and at the beginning of the video there is a disclaimer he made that says to help support his channel change the address to the amazon button on your bookmark bar to the address to amazon with his affiliate code. Will amazon allow this? Or can he get in...
  11. J

    Need expert in Amazon affiliate website.

    Hello My amazon affiliate account just got blocked. Even though it's quite new, I don't know the reason behind it. Need some expert in amazon affiliate to audit my site/s. Thanks.
  12. C

    Amazon affiliate question - Clicks not recording

    Hi, First of all I am a new member here, I look forward to learning a lot from here. I have an amazon affiliate website with meager traffic.This month till date (1 march 2016 to today) i got 46 clicks. In amazon 'orders reports' it shows zero 'product link clicks' and 46 'other clicks'. My...
  13. M

    Only getting revenue from Amazon, but not in CJ

    Hi Team, I ve started website on coupon based one year back. My motive is to get more revenue from CJ. But that is not happend. I added few amazon brands, there my sale starts pumb. Now i am getting around $3k PM only from amazon. But CJ not even $50PM. Why the conversion is not started.
  14. puneetas3

    [WTB] Looking to buy Affiliate accounts

    I am looking to buy amazon affiliate accounts (valid for US, i.e. for that have received payment atleast once. You can be from any country but the account should be for PM me your price. Thanks. Its not for everyone, only those who have them lying and don't use them...
  15. J

    How many times can 1 person use my affiliate link?

    Let's say my friend has a website and he posts his affiliate link to an item on Amazon. How many times can I purchase that item or those items before he stops getting a fee from it? The way I understand their affiliate program is that they put a cookie on your computer and whichever item you...
  16. E

    Can I do affiliate marketing with only email list?

    can I do affilate marketing with only email list?
  17. F

    Looking for feedback on a question i have regarding amazon affiliate program

    Hello BHW, I'm reaching out to you guys who are affiliated with amazon affiliate program. I'm wanting opinions, or tips on how I can complete what i need to accomplish. So long story short, I currently have two novels available on amazon and kindle. I created these novels through...
  18. IProvideSEO

    Looking For An Amazon Affiliate Marketer Commissions Of 25% Per Sale

    Hello, I am looking for an Amazon Affiliate Marketer that already has a store that has reviews and can get my beard care products seen on pages 1 or 2 of the search results. My products that I currently sell are beard balm, beard oil, beard cream, combs and mustache wax. Current competitors on...
  19. P

    Question about Amazon affiliate

    I was registering on the Amazon affiliate but stopped when they say i must insert my website's url, i want to understand something before: 1) if i put an url and then i'll change in future the affiliate still works? 2) could i put my affiliate link on multiple sites at the same time? i own 2-3...
  20. X

    Amazon Affilate Account

    I was never such disappointed today. I did a hard work, set up an auto blogging site, got a lot of views, and I finally had my 4 amazon sells in a single day. And after this they send me a mail that I didn't get accepted because my site lacks original content and delete my account with all my...
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