Looking for feedback on a question i have regarding amazon affiliate program

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    Hello BHW, I'm reaching out to you guys who are affiliated with amazon affiliate program. I'm wanting opinions, or tips on how I can complete what i need to accomplish. So long story short, I currently have two novels available on amazon and kindle. I created these novels through createspace.com.

    I was looking into other "affiliate programs" to find out that I can't do that since they are on kindle and amazon. So this is the question... does anyone have an idea on how I can "manage" affiliates to sell my products via amazon, kindle? They already get a commission based on the sale, I would like to offer more commission via "my pocket" to help get people interested in selling my books, but i want to be able to manage or verify what they actually did sell.

    Is there anything like this? or would i have to have people screen shot their sells management to verify it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to share the wealth, I understand that selling books isn't a HUGE money maker, but I'm willing to give up more of my profit to get people excited and interested in selling my products.

    if you would like to see my books look up bliss by ba talarico on amazon and you'll see bliss and bliss 2..

    Thanks BHW for your time and concideration to read this and get me idea's and feedback..